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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day Four and Under on My Calorie Intake

Food Intake:

I woke up at 8am this morning so instead of having a breakfast "meal," I had a P90X Protein Bar :) Chocolate PeanutButter!! Way to start out the day, right!! ha ha...
I enjoyed that with a full glass of water.

Lunch was at 12pm and since I wasn't feeling "hungry" but needed to keep my metabolism going, I had a P90X meal replacement bar (WildBerry) and a tall glass of water for lunch. I was plenty full!!

Snack: Flaxseed Chips and an Avocado

Dinner: Vegetarian Corndog

Chocolate PeanutButter Bar: 260
Wildberry Bar: 270
Chips & Avocado: 280
Vegetarian Corndog: 160

Total Calorie Intake: 970 (WOW!!!! Deffinitely not enough!!)

Max Calories Allowed: 1500 (Difference of 530 Calories)

It wasn't like I purposely tried not to eat enough calories throughout the day... I just got caught up in doing so much through out the day, that when it came to food, it wasn't on my mind. Weird!!
Looking at my meal plan for the day I would have liked to have seen more veggies.
Tomorrow's meal plan will be better. Now I see where I need to improve :)

Because my calorie intake was pretty low, I was tired around 8pm and didn't complete my days worth of exercising. So tomorrow I will be doubling up on exercises!! Woo Hoo!!!
Everyday is a "live and learn" experience. That's why it's so nice to WRITE DOWN what you eat, how you feel and what exercises you do, so that way you can look back and learn from the things you can imropve on and better or simply repeat because it was something that made you feel soo incredibly PHENOMINAL!! :)
I've learned that I can add to my meals (veggies and fruits of course) and be plenty safe in my calorie zone.


Sylcast said...

Thank you Malynda. You I like the spin you put on the "before" pictures. It's a great way to look at it.. the problem is that I've taken the "before" picture too many times. I'm not comfortable looking at it.. so I definately would not be able to handle anyone else looking at it yet.. though I could post just a regular photo of me as I am now. You know.. it was your blog and Chalene's blog that made me decide to start my own.. thank you :)
Good luck in your goals.. I'll be watching ;)


Malynda Twitchell said...

aw you're so sweet Sylvia!! I'm so glad you have decided to join the blogger world! he he he...
don't worry about the picture right now... just set your goals and make them happen :)
I'm here for you girl :))