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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rest or Hike?? I choose... HIKE!!

Do I choose to rest?? Heck NO!!!! When weather is as nice as this... uh ah!!

AWWWWWWW!!!!!! How refreshing is it to wake up, throw on your comfy running clothes, slip on your hiking shoes and grab ur hiking buddy (mine tends to be my 2 year old daughter or my dog) and start up a great trail!!
The weather here in Arizona is perfect for hiking right now. It's chill but not freezing. and when you're running up the mountain or walking briskly... that chill feels great!!
Today I allowed for my daughter to sleep in and I took my black lab :)
It was probably an hour and a half hike? Maybe two hours. But boy did it feel wonderful, and what a GREAT way to kick off my Sunday :))

I am on the patrol for some better hiking shoes now. I tend to slip here and there on the trail. No Good!!!

I am a smoothie making MACHINE!!!!!!! I could live on smoothies. So when I got home, I made myself a BodyBuilder Hemp Shake!!!(Recipe from in her Ultimate RAW Vegan Hemp Recipe E-Book) And Oh my gosh!! It was HEAVEN!!!!
Full of Hemp Protein and tastes AMAZING!!

I feel I have started out my day so WONDERFUL!!!

Now.... IT's GAME TIME BABY!!!!!


Kristen's Raw said...

Awesome post! I love hiking, too. You're so full of energy and inspiration!!! Love it!!!

Hemp smoothie - whoohoo!!!