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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Give it all you got and don't give in... PUSH until failure!! Yeah baby!!! That's what I've been doing!! Going Heavy or going home!!

Today is day 37!! woo hoo!!! I'm becoming so much stronger! Today I curled 20lbs until failure! Oh Dang!! No she didn't!! Oh yes she DID!!!

No weight loss... YET!! It's coming! I can feel it!! ;))

I have been experiencing headaches the past couple of days and I know why... I have had a pretty bad addiction to energy drinks... and for 3 days now, I have been energy-drink-free!! Therefore, causing caffeine withdrawls, sleepiness, headaches, and bloatedness!!! It's all good though... it will all pass. I don't want to put those drinks in my body anymore... they're so bad for you.
And this last weekend while I was snow-sledding with the family, my mother in law told me that my younger sis in law had discovered a lumb on her breast so they took her in to have it looked at and it was caused by consuming too much caffeine (energy drinks!!). So YEAH!! My thirst needs will consume only of water and more natural drinks. :))

Day 37 and i'm feeling GREAT!!! Except for the weightloss... but my arms and BUTT are getting TIGHT!!! I am LOVING it!!!

So anyway... TWO new vids!! Check them out HERE!!! and HERE!!!


Sylcast said...

Hi Malynda,

Haven't been on here for a while and I happened to come across your videos on youtube when I was looking up ChaLEAN Extreme videos. You're really fun to watch :)
Keep up the great work!
I also mentioned that you are a Beachbody Coach. What does that entail. What do you have to do? Also, me being in Canada, does it prevent me from becoming a Beachbody coach?
I think I will be getting CE after a few more months of Turbo Jam. The results I'm seeing from everyone are amazing.
Also, and I'm sure you already noticed, don't worry so much about the weight as you are already pretty small.. you mentioned it yourself, muscle weighs way more than fat and CE is all about building the muscle. I was a bit disappointed myself when I only lost 7 lbs 1 month into Turbo Jam, but I lost 16 inches, I think because I build muscle fairly quickly.

Anyway... I just wanted to say hi.. keep up the great work.


Timothy Carter said...
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Timothy Carter said...

Hey Malynda...way to rock the 20lb weights til failure! :)

Keep bringing it!

Timothy Carter

Malynda Twitchell said...

Sylvia! Thanks so much for your comment and watching my youtube vids! :)) I'm so glad you're enjoying them.
Being a Canadian, I believe the TeamBeachBody program will accept coaches within the next 6 months... that's what I heard. You can purchase products from the site and I think sign up as a FREE member, then when Canada is able to sign up Coaches... u'll already be in the system :) Let me know if you can sign up as a free member or not.. go to my site:
Thanks for keeping in touch!

Kristen's Raw said...

Love the vids, you are so beautiful!!!

Malynda Twitchell said...

Thank you Kristen!!!! as are YOU!!! WHOA!! ;)

Jessica said...

I'm on day one of the Phase Phase and I haven't seen any weight loss either! In fact, I've gained 10 lbs! BUT, I feel phenomenal, really strong, and tighter. I'm just clinging to the hope the fat melts away in the next 60 days...