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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wearing RED and being a "Pitta Dosha"

I have managed to find RED clothing for my week of "Root Chakra." Woo hoo!!

Ok!! So like, I was reading further into my Yoga Chick book and in it was a questionaire titled, "What's Your Dosha?" What the hell is a DOSHA?? Supposedly, our bodies are made up of a unique combination of doshas in specific physical and mental constitutions. I don't know!!! I just answered the questions for the heck of it and scored a 20... therefore making me a "Pitta Dosha." Umm, ok!! Ha ha...

According to the book, a Pitta Dosha is described as: "Do people call you a natural leader? (Actually, yes!) Then you must be a Pitta (ok! cool). Ambitious Pitta is quick and alert (oh! that's just the RAW food kicking in), an articulate speaker and confident in spotlight (I'm just not a shy gal...). Pittas are moderately built with naturally toned muscles (hhmmm.. well that's a nice way to put it). They usually have soft, fair skin and a heart-shaped face with soft features (The fair skin I see... heart shaped face?). Pittas often are on best-dressed lists because they save their spending money for little luxuries like clothes (Seriously, I don't see anything else I'd rather spend my money on)." Interesting huh? But I truly don't see what this really tells me... That I'm a "Pitta Dosha???" I don't really get it.

This weeks affirmation has really been my spotlight. (I am strong and secure and adapt to changes in my life by going with the flow). I have been dealing with alot of issues lately, seeking out close friends to keep my spirits lifted and continuing my yoga practice to ease my mind. This affirmation couldn't have come at a better time :)

I skipped out on yoga this morning... I know!! I did yoga TWICE yesterday (morning and evening) therefore telling myself this morning that it was "ok" to sleep in. Now I'm wishing I would have just got up and did it... makes all the difference when you start your day off with a great exercise. Oh well ;) Tomorrow is another day!!

Anyone else into yoga and know what the heck i'm talking about with the whole "Dosha" thing?? Cuz I'm lost!!! He he he...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bring it! (P90X Yoga) & Root Chakra: Instinct

Bringing it! Is INTENSE... Bringing it! Yoga style is PHENOMINALLY INTENSE!! He he he... Seriously!!

I've always enjoyed a day or so a week of some great yoga. I've always been interested in the way your body strengthens just by using your own body and weight with extreme poses. I wouldn't say "I was a HUGE Yoga-Gal" I didn't do it enough to really be considered so. But being given the option of yoga, walking, hiking and stretching to work out (and nothing more), I've found a BIGGER love for yoga :)

The yoga that I have chosen to do every morning, is from the program P90X. It's 90 minutes of sweat and strength. I find it intense, and the more I do it, I'm starting to find it relaxing and such a great workout. I've never had so much fun doing yoga. I look forward to my early mornings with Tony Horton in his black spandex ;)) he he...

Let me tell you, when I HAD to stop doing the ChaLEAN Extreme Program, due to my "anxiety back," I think I gained back a couple pounds. At least I know that my pants were fitting tighter and I did notice some extra-ness on my stomach... Dang it!! ;)

So honestly, the yoga thing wasn't "that" exciting because I was thinking it wasn't gonna be as intense as the CE program was... but I was WRONG!! I can feel some tightness in my obliques and my flexibility is rock'n!!

So!!! My plan is to share with all of you, my last day's pic on the CE Program (Day 54) and use that pic as my "before" pic for my new yoga journey. I think it will be fun to see the difference that stretching and pose-holding will do for my body.

Yoga is MORE than just poses, it calms your mind, body and soul.

I've picked up a book called Yoga Chick (A Hip Guide to Everything Om). it's a great books. Very informative and cute. I love sassy-fun books! :)

In the book is a very short chapter (actually, I wouldn't even call it a "chapter") that is all about the Chakra System. It caught my attention and after reading it, I am pretty exciting to be more aware of my own chakra system :)

Here's a description from the book of the Chakra System: "The chakras are spiraling sheels of energy that line up from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakra means "wheel of light" and each one represents a state of consciousness, begining with our most primitive needs for security to our spiritual needs for peace of mind. You cannot touch the chakras, because they are not organs or nerves, but you can feel their impact on your health and emotions. When your body, mind, and spirit are in harmony and are working together cooperatively, chakra energy flows freely and drives creativity, discovery, journeys, relationships, integrity, and good health. You can stimulate the chakras through color choices, music, meditiation, yoga practice, and affirmations. The affirmations are most powerful when spoken out loud at the beginning or after your yoga session or after meditation."

Pretty damn cool, huh!! :)) Yeah I know! So to make my yoga journey fun and allowing there to always be something new for me to learn and appreciate in the yoga world, I'm gonna be aware of the chakras and try my best to get these wheels a turn'n :)

There are 7 "wheels" in the chakra system. The first one being located at the base of the spine and the seventh one being located at the crown of the head.

Since I'm new to yoga (what I mean is, actually paying attention to what yoga is really all about) then I'm gonna take my time getting familiar with the different chakra's.

This week as I'm doing my P90X Yoga I'm also going to be thinking about and owning up to the first chakra, the Root Chakra: Instinct. This Chakra represents our most primitive nature and survival instincts. Because it influences our sense of security, a strong root chakra helps us stay grounded (which is very important to me). It says, "to stimulate this chakra, wear the color red and practice Mountain Pose."

Affirmation (for Root Chakra): "I am strong and secure and adapt to changes in my life by going with the flow."

So before this morning's yoga practice, I said aloud this affirmation and again after my yoga practice. It felt really nice :)

Now, do I own anything RED? ;)

I am beginning to become The YOGA Chick!! He he he... ;)))

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gotta stick to the plan

So as I'm going crazy here cuz I really want to be back in the CE program, I talked to one of my very close friends yesterday and she gave me some great advice, and honestly, just what I needed to hear.
She understands that I'm eager to get back in the program and truly BRING IT! But also knows my condition (with my back) and has advised me to take my time. Enjoy my Yoga journey. CE will be here when I'm ready for it again. She made me feel good about my Yoga plans and lifted my spirits about being OK with taking it "easy."
I feel good. I feel cinfident.
Soon enough, I will be back and going strong with my girl Chalene ;))
So!! Original plan... YOGA!! New plan... YOGA!! I'm gonna stick to it. No getting impatient. I need to fully recover to be strong and ready :)

Ok!! So enough of that, you all get the point, Yoga from here on out (until all better).

This morning was so nice. I set my internal alarm clock for "early," woke up at 5am and decided to go hiking. A few of the ladies from my church were going at 5:30am so I jumped up, dressed, grabbed my flashlight and ran to the hiking trail :)
It was a great hike!
Afterwards, I did Yoga with Tony Horton.
It really set my day off for a HEALTHY start. I noticed that by forcing myself to just GET UP and GO, complete my workouts first thing before all my distractions woke up ;) I was able to think clearly and take the rest of the day one step at a time. Yoga truly helped with that too.
Even my diet was good.
Smoothie for breakfast, tofurky sandwich for lunch and a salad for dinner :)

Yep!! I'm ready to do it all again in the morning! 5am baby!!

Love you all!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

So, uumm... Turbo Jam?

Hello!!! A little update for all of you that are following my progress ;)
My neck and back has seemed to get worse. What I mean is, my back and neck are sooo tight, that it's uncomfortable to even turn. Lately I have had quite a bit on my plate. Nothing to do with my workout program what so ever, but with life in general.
Yoga has been pure joy. It's giving me the chance to stretch and relax. HOT baths at night help too!!
I'm extremely eager to get back into my CE program though!! I find myself watching the infommercials and talking to anyone and everyone about the program constantly!! Lol. It's so true though!!
I'm gonna make another appt. with my chiropractor here real soon. I don't want to hear, "Malynda, you need to continue to REST! Relax and Stretch.." I will lose my mind!! Lol!!
I'm a fast-pace girl, I need to be doing more than JUST the yoga. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE yoga... but I need it to be something I do on the side of something more intense and FUN! ;))
You know what I mean, right!
I'm thinking, since I love Chalene's programs more than any other program on the market, I think I'm gonna start doing some Turbo Jam.
It's all pretty much, Kicking, Punching and DANCING!! So I don't see any harm ;)
There's no weights involved. I'm gonna do Turbo Jam at least 3 times a week. See how I feel, schedule a Chiro appt and then go from there.

How are all of you doing on the program(s)? Please share!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bath-Time BLISS

Oh! I have GOT to share this moment with all of you! A moment of happiness and a mind, well-relaxed :)
It has been brought to my attention, that to "relax" your body and mind, you need to take BATHS!!! Well hell, we all know that I have been "prescribed" to be more relaxed. I need to take it easy, breath, and SOAK!! He he he... am I complaining? Nope!!
So tonight, after all was said and done, I did what it was I've been wanting and NEEDING to do... I had myself a very calming and relaxing bath!

And here! I want to share it with YOU!!

My first "meditative experience":
The day has come to an end and the night is now upon me and my precious family. My duties are on hold for the remainder of this dark gorgeous night. I tuck my sweet girls into bed and kiss my husband on the lips, he too has said "good-night." I walk into my master bath (where I had earlier in the day hung up pictures to decorate), it was beautiful! I turned on the water (to really HOT!), sprinkled some dead sea salt in the water and allowed for the tub to fill up. Before turning out the bathroom light, I lit three tiny tea-lights. Then OFF the lights it went. I tippy-toed into the scorching water. (uumm... was I "supposed" to make this water so dang HOT!!!)... he he he. The water made my mind say "ouch!" but it also made my body say"oohh la la!" ;))
I was able to climb in and sink into the water. It truly was a PERFECT temperature. I sat in the water and allowed for my body to appreciate it's temporary environment. Very gently, I splashed water on my face, the warmth was sooo relaxing. I brushed my face with my facial loofah, then sank down into the water to cover my entire body.
Then, I tried to focus. I wanted to focus on relaxing. My day had been well spent and this was MY time. All MINE!!
I closed my eyes and focused on breathing. My mind suddenly cleared and all I could think about was the smell of Eucaliptus (from my salt). It was such a relaxing smell. And as I sit here and write this post, eucaliptus lingers on my skin and in my hair. I am relaxed. I focused on the sounds I heard around me. The first sound that came to my attention, was my daughter's breathing in sweet slumber, off in dream land in Mommy and Daddy's bed. (what an angel, I thought). A smile made my face. I listened some more and heard the ceiling fan spinning in the bedroom. Listened some more and heard a car drive by outside... blocks away though, it wasn't loud. I listened some more and could hear a light breeze right outside my bathroom walls. It was a beautiful sound, too! It was calming. Made me think that it was possibly cooler outside tonight.
Now I sank down further, until my ears were under the water. I listened. I heard my heart beat. Wow! I thought! I am alive! Ha ha ha... But truly... How very blessed I am to be alive and living. So much I take for granted (life being one of them). I listened for a few minutes to the beating of my heart. I listened to its rythm, and it's power to keep beating. Thank you heart ;)))
I then listened and tried to focus on any other sounds that I may hear under the water. Even though I was pretty still, the slightest of movement made the water wave slightly, and I could hear it swaying. I could hear my breathing.
I opened my eyes, just a little, and I focused on my first sights. I watched the ripples of the water reflecting on the porcelain tub. I watched the tiny flames from my tea-lights dance about. I looked up farther, and noticed the shimmering of the moon's light tapping on my glass block. I was happy! I was relaxed and thankful for the life I live. The people in my life. The thoughts I think and the dreams I dream.
What a joyous moment this was.
What felt like an hour in my bathtime paradise, was nearly 15 or 20 minutes. And it was perfect!
I sat up, unplugged the drain, reached for my towel and dried off. But I wasn't done. I was in a trance of acknowleding my surroundings. I dried off and put my comfy p.j.'s on. wrapped my towel around my neck to catch the beads of water still dripping from my hair, kissed my hubby on the forehead as he lye there asleep and crept out to the kitchen where I made myself a cup of tea. Now I sit here, typing this post, sipping on my tea and I'm happy. Happy to share my experience with all of you!
Did I have a meditating experience in the bath tonight? Idk. It felt like it. Will I have more bath-times like this? For sure! But will I also experience bath-times with an un-focused mind, children maybe disturbing me in the background, phone ringing, dog barking... blah blah blah!! Heck yes!! And you know what? It's ok. It's LIFE! And it's a great life!! I'm happy to be taking the journey that I am taking right now. I love that I have others to share it with.

I love you all and I sincerely Thank You for keeping up and following my blog!


Friday, March 6, 2009


Ok! So like the more I think about it and the more I read, I am like totally getting excited about doing yoga!! Yeah!!
I bought me this cute little yoga chick book, its totally ME!! Hehe... Its easy reading but totally informative!! I love it!!
I'm gonna complete my reading this weekend and then come Monday, I'm all about Yoga Practice!! Woo hoo!!!
I've decided to do the P90X YogaX dvd. Its intense and hell good!!! I might do a class on the side with a buddy just to change it up so that way I change it up :) do u "change up" yoga? Or do u always do the same thing? I don't know? I would think you would want something new. I don't know! We'll see! ;)
I can't wait! This is gonna be fun!
I'm also thinking that I should post my measurements this weekend to share with everyone where I ended up so far with the CE program.
So be ready for those!!
I hope you all are ready to take on this journey with me :))
Its gonna be interesting ;)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

No "pain" No Gain??

Well, I have an update to share and I need some help deciding on what to do.
My upper back has been tight for the past 4 months. Like it doesn't "hurt," but I notice it and it sometimes causes me headaches. 3 days ago, as I was hloding my little girl, I got the sharpest pains shooting up my back. I had to immediately put her down and actually couldn't lift for the rest of the day. The pains wouldn't manage to cease :(
The next day I went to my chiropractor. She told me that I hold all my anxiety and stress in my back, and that over time, its just been getting worse. I was adjusted, popped and cracked but nothing such a thing as a "quick fix." What I have to do can't be fixed with only chiropractor appt's, I was told to RELAX. Stop tensing up, relieve my body of stress and anxiety. I was actually "prescribed" to do Yoga!!! Hahaha... Yeah!! I need to be stretching and relaxing!! Crazy, huh!!
I told my chiropractor about the workout program I've been doing and asked if I could still dot it. She said NO! I can't be doing any moves that would make my neck and head go down into my back. For example, I can't do lateral raises, anything with Delt lifts, nothing over head and so forth. Make sense? Nothing that makes me "shrug."
I can't even do the moves WITHOUT weights!! I can't do them period!!
So I need some advice! What would you all like me to do that I can share with you. I was thinking about doing the CE program, but eliminating all the moves that I'm not supposed to do and stick with the squats,arm curls, ab work... Stuff like that! And then add my Yoga to stretch and fix my back. I would like to add extra cardio since I won't be able to do completed workouts through the CE program. What do you think? Stick to the program (with alterations), only do yoga until I can do the program fully again, or what?
I need your help!! Hehe :))
Please leave comments or email me through FB :)

Thank you!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hey everyone!!! I'm so sorry for not posting sooner. I am dealing with computer problems so I'm posting from my phone (hope this works... Hehe).

So any way, last week I didn't work out (mon-sat). No excuses!! I know! So now I want to kick butt and get back on track.

I was originally thinking of going back a week (start on the last day I left off, day 43). But, there's something about telling myself that I have to BACKUP and start over from last week that is not sitting well with me!! Lol.

This is what I'm wanting to do: instead of starting from day 43, I'm going to be on schedule (day 51/52) and add to my daily workouts. I'm gonna add either, extreme abs or fat-burn challenge. Everyday (esp for this next week) I will be dbling it up. Even on the days I have burn it off and ab burner or burn it off! And recharge. On those days, I'll actually be doing 3 workouts!!!
Hey!!! It's a bitch to lose a week of working out! And this is what I gotta do and it is what I am READY to do! :))

Yesterday it was day 51 and I was scheduled to do Push Circuit 1. I did it and added Extreme Abs. Today is a scheduled REST day, but I did Extreme Abs. My abs were deffinitley sore!! Lol... So tomorrow, with Push Ciruit 2, I'll add Fat Burn Challenge :)

I'll deffinitely be letting u all know how I'm doing (whether I'm surviving or not!) Haha... ;))

I love this CE program soooo much!!! This last weekend I was trying on jeans and guess what!! I was able to put on a size 27!!! I was sooo excited!! I've always been a 28, and it takes me a while after my pregnancies to get to a 28... So when I put on those jeans and they slid up without a tug! I was super happy!!!
HAPPY DANCE!! Hehehe...

Well! Like I said, my computer is ill and needs some work done, I hope to have a vid out real soon :)

Love you all and thanks for reading!