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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bring it! (P90X Yoga) & Root Chakra: Instinct

Bringing it! Is INTENSE... Bringing it! Yoga style is PHENOMINALLY INTENSE!! He he he... Seriously!!

I've always enjoyed a day or so a week of some great yoga. I've always been interested in the way your body strengthens just by using your own body and weight with extreme poses. I wouldn't say "I was a HUGE Yoga-Gal" I didn't do it enough to really be considered so. But being given the option of yoga, walking, hiking and stretching to work out (and nothing more), I've found a BIGGER love for yoga :)

The yoga that I have chosen to do every morning, is from the program P90X. It's 90 minutes of sweat and strength. I find it intense, and the more I do it, I'm starting to find it relaxing and such a great workout. I've never had so much fun doing yoga. I look forward to my early mornings with Tony Horton in his black spandex ;)) he he...

Let me tell you, when I HAD to stop doing the ChaLEAN Extreme Program, due to my "anxiety back," I think I gained back a couple pounds. At least I know that my pants were fitting tighter and I did notice some extra-ness on my stomach... Dang it!! ;)

So honestly, the yoga thing wasn't "that" exciting because I was thinking it wasn't gonna be as intense as the CE program was... but I was WRONG!! I can feel some tightness in my obliques and my flexibility is rock'n!!

So!!! My plan is to share with all of you, my last day's pic on the CE Program (Day 54) and use that pic as my "before" pic for my new yoga journey. I think it will be fun to see the difference that stretching and pose-holding will do for my body.

Yoga is MORE than just poses, it calms your mind, body and soul.

I've picked up a book called Yoga Chick (A Hip Guide to Everything Om). it's a great books. Very informative and cute. I love sassy-fun books! :)

In the book is a very short chapter (actually, I wouldn't even call it a "chapter") that is all about the Chakra System. It caught my attention and after reading it, I am pretty exciting to be more aware of my own chakra system :)

Here's a description from the book of the Chakra System: "The chakras are spiraling sheels of energy that line up from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakra means "wheel of light" and each one represents a state of consciousness, begining with our most primitive needs for security to our spiritual needs for peace of mind. You cannot touch the chakras, because they are not organs or nerves, but you can feel their impact on your health and emotions. When your body, mind, and spirit are in harmony and are working together cooperatively, chakra energy flows freely and drives creativity, discovery, journeys, relationships, integrity, and good health. You can stimulate the chakras through color choices, music, meditiation, yoga practice, and affirmations. The affirmations are most powerful when spoken out loud at the beginning or after your yoga session or after meditation."

Pretty damn cool, huh!! :)) Yeah I know! So to make my yoga journey fun and allowing there to always be something new for me to learn and appreciate in the yoga world, I'm gonna be aware of the chakras and try my best to get these wheels a turn'n :)

There are 7 "wheels" in the chakra system. The first one being located at the base of the spine and the seventh one being located at the crown of the head.

Since I'm new to yoga (what I mean is, actually paying attention to what yoga is really all about) then I'm gonna take my time getting familiar with the different chakra's.

This week as I'm doing my P90X Yoga I'm also going to be thinking about and owning up to the first chakra, the Root Chakra: Instinct. This Chakra represents our most primitive nature and survival instincts. Because it influences our sense of security, a strong root chakra helps us stay grounded (which is very important to me). It says, "to stimulate this chakra, wear the color red and practice Mountain Pose."

Affirmation (for Root Chakra): "I am strong and secure and adapt to changes in my life by going with the flow."

So before this morning's yoga practice, I said aloud this affirmation and again after my yoga practice. It felt really nice :)

Now, do I own anything RED? ;)

I am beginning to become The YOGA Chick!! He he he... ;)))


Kristen's Raw said...

A lot of people eat the color of the chakra they're trying to enhance... you eat red foods, too!

Looking forward to hearing about your progress with yoga :)

Malynda Twitchell said...

oh really!!! that's interesting! eating the color of the Chakra :)) red bell peppers it is :)