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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hey everyone!!! I'm so sorry for not posting sooner. I am dealing with computer problems so I'm posting from my phone (hope this works... Hehe).

So any way, last week I didn't work out (mon-sat). No excuses!! I know! So now I want to kick butt and get back on track.

I was originally thinking of going back a week (start on the last day I left off, day 43). But, there's something about telling myself that I have to BACKUP and start over from last week that is not sitting well with me!! Lol.

This is what I'm wanting to do: instead of starting from day 43, I'm going to be on schedule (day 51/52) and add to my daily workouts. I'm gonna add either, extreme abs or fat-burn challenge. Everyday (esp for this next week) I will be dbling it up. Even on the days I have burn it off and ab burner or burn it off! And recharge. On those days, I'll actually be doing 3 workouts!!!
Hey!!! It's a bitch to lose a week of working out! And this is what I gotta do and it is what I am READY to do! :))

Yesterday it was day 51 and I was scheduled to do Push Circuit 1. I did it and added Extreme Abs. Today is a scheduled REST day, but I did Extreme Abs. My abs were deffinitley sore!! Lol... So tomorrow, with Push Ciruit 2, I'll add Fat Burn Challenge :)

I'll deffinitely be letting u all know how I'm doing (whether I'm surviving or not!) Haha... ;))

I love this CE program soooo much!!! This last weekend I was trying on jeans and guess what!! I was able to put on a size 27!!! I was sooo excited!! I've always been a 28, and it takes me a while after my pregnancies to get to a 28... So when I put on those jeans and they slid up without a tug! I was super happy!!!
HAPPY DANCE!! Hehehe...

Well! Like I said, my computer is ill and needs some work done, I hope to have a vid out real soon :)

Love you all and thanks for reading!



Kristen's Raw said...

OMG! We missed you!!!! So glad you're back.

Geez, girlie, that is a tough program you're embarking on. I think if it were me, I'd just back track the days, but that's mainly because I'd "want" to start over, AND, I CAN'T IMAGINE doing all that exercise in one day. Well, actually, I can imagine it, I used to do it before bodybuilding competitions! We'd do double workouts each of cardio and weights, so I'd be in the gym for almost 4 hours (not straight - we'd go two in the morning and two in the evening). Anyway, TMI, eh? haha

Good luck! GGGRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Do it up Sista!!!