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Thursday, March 5, 2009

No "pain" No Gain??

Well, I have an update to share and I need some help deciding on what to do.
My upper back has been tight for the past 4 months. Like it doesn't "hurt," but I notice it and it sometimes causes me headaches. 3 days ago, as I was hloding my little girl, I got the sharpest pains shooting up my back. I had to immediately put her down and actually couldn't lift for the rest of the day. The pains wouldn't manage to cease :(
The next day I went to my chiropractor. She told me that I hold all my anxiety and stress in my back, and that over time, its just been getting worse. I was adjusted, popped and cracked but nothing such a thing as a "quick fix." What I have to do can't be fixed with only chiropractor appt's, I was told to RELAX. Stop tensing up, relieve my body of stress and anxiety. I was actually "prescribed" to do Yoga!!! Hahaha... Yeah!! I need to be stretching and relaxing!! Crazy, huh!!
I told my chiropractor about the workout program I've been doing and asked if I could still dot it. She said NO! I can't be doing any moves that would make my neck and head go down into my back. For example, I can't do lateral raises, anything with Delt lifts, nothing over head and so forth. Make sense? Nothing that makes me "shrug."
I can't even do the moves WITHOUT weights!! I can't do them period!!
So I need some advice! What would you all like me to do that I can share with you. I was thinking about doing the CE program, but eliminating all the moves that I'm not supposed to do and stick with the squats,arm curls, ab work... Stuff like that! And then add my Yoga to stretch and fix my back. I would like to add extra cardio since I won't be able to do completed workouts through the CE program. What do you think? Stick to the program (with alterations), only do yoga until I can do the program fully again, or what?
I need your help!! Hehe :))
Please leave comments or email me through FB :)

Thank you!!!


Kristen's Raw said...

Bummer! I'm so sorry to hear that. I wondered if what you were feeling as tense was sore back muscles from all of the working out you do... but then when you had the sharp pain... that makes me think it's something else, like the anxiety thing.

If the yoga helps you channel your anxiety and stress, so it's not hurting your back, maybe you should just concentrate on that? Maybe with some cardio? I'm worried that if you do any lifting of weights, even if it's for legs or arms - the fact that you lift the weight at all might tweak your back in a bad way. And, abs? I think ab exercises could make things worse?

I know you want to keep your muscle mass but maybe it's time to take a break, do yoga and cardio and hiking, etc. Work on your diet so it's awesome and blog about all of that. I'd be eager to learn about anything you're doing really, so I support whatever you want to do.

Does Chalean, or any of the other vids in your program, do only stretching and/or yoga?

Good luck,