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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wearing RED and being a "Pitta Dosha"

I have managed to find RED clothing for my week of "Root Chakra." Woo hoo!!

Ok!! So like, I was reading further into my Yoga Chick book and in it was a questionaire titled, "What's Your Dosha?" What the hell is a DOSHA?? Supposedly, our bodies are made up of a unique combination of doshas in specific physical and mental constitutions. I don't know!!! I just answered the questions for the heck of it and scored a 20... therefore making me a "Pitta Dosha." Umm, ok!! Ha ha...

According to the book, a Pitta Dosha is described as: "Do people call you a natural leader? (Actually, yes!) Then you must be a Pitta (ok! cool). Ambitious Pitta is quick and alert (oh! that's just the RAW food kicking in), an articulate speaker and confident in spotlight (I'm just not a shy gal...). Pittas are moderately built with naturally toned muscles (hhmmm.. well that's a nice way to put it). They usually have soft, fair skin and a heart-shaped face with soft features (The fair skin I see... heart shaped face?). Pittas often are on best-dressed lists because they save their spending money for little luxuries like clothes (Seriously, I don't see anything else I'd rather spend my money on)." Interesting huh? But I truly don't see what this really tells me... That I'm a "Pitta Dosha???" I don't really get it.

This weeks affirmation has really been my spotlight. (I am strong and secure and adapt to changes in my life by going with the flow). I have been dealing with alot of issues lately, seeking out close friends to keep my spirits lifted and continuing my yoga practice to ease my mind. This affirmation couldn't have come at a better time :)

I skipped out on yoga this morning... I know!! I did yoga TWICE yesterday (morning and evening) therefore telling myself this morning that it was "ok" to sleep in. Now I'm wishing I would have just got up and did it... makes all the difference when you start your day off with a great exercise. Oh well ;) Tomorrow is another day!!

Anyone else into yoga and know what the heck i'm talking about with the whole "Dosha" thing?? Cuz I'm lost!!! He he he...


Kristen's Raw said...

That just might be my favorite picture of you ever. You look so beautiful and freaking cool. I think the red chakra thing is working for you!

You're gorgeous!!!!! And so fun!!!