Diet: (noun)

A way of living, or thinking, a day's journey.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Throat Chakra: Truth

The fifth chakra represents verbal expressions and communication. It influences the expression of emotions and creates understanding. Bright blues, such as turquoise and aquamarine, express the clear communication and thinking that is the essential nature of this chakra. Writing and storytelling stimulate this chakra.
Affirmation: I express myself honestly and with integrity and believe the world is listening to me.

This week is gonna be FUN!! For one! My favorite colors to wear are blues!! Second! I LOVE to write, so I'll be doing this chakra pretty much without meaning to ;)

I'm a very honest person as well. To even think of telling a lie kills me. I can't do it. I feel that if I tell a lie, the other person would see right through it, and then what would I do if ever caught in a lie? What a horrible feeling. So I'd rather not lie and just be bluntingly (is that a word?) honest with people... in a nice way of course ;))
Honesty has it's down falls too, but it beats lying.

Today's workout was Burn Circuit 1. (second week). I'm so funny, because lately I've been waking up at 5am but feeling really tired so I tell myself that I'll workout that night instead. Well, because I do that, I tend to miss working out at night due to a huge day of craziness, exhausted by the time I put the kids to bed... and just wanting to SLEEP!! So this morning, 5am turns over and the sun is starting to peak over the horizon, I say to myself, "get your ass up!!!" Lol... but in a "nicer" way ;))
I'm so glad I just got up when I did. Now my workout is done and if I choose to do an additional workout tonight, then great. But at least my goal was completed and is now out of the way.

I've been doing really good on my RAW journey :)
Last night we took our girls to the park to fly a kite and on our way, we picked up some french fries (one thing that I just LOVE!!). So yeah! I ate them... alot of them!! ha ha ha...

Today is a new day! French fries are NOT in the plan, just fresh fruit! YUM!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 Days 100% RAW

Just finished Burn It Off and Recharge. I sweated as if I had stepped into a sauna!! It was nuts!! he he he...
But listen!! My stomach is out of control!! Yeah!! Somewhere along the lines of my break between the CE Program (when I hurt my back) I gained some weight. My jeans are fitting way tighter, I have a "bulge" and when I was working out tonight... my belly was all over the place!! No joke! I was soo embarrassed, even though I was the only one in the room... I just felt so disgusting :(
I feel like I can look really good one day... and then a couple days later, look not so good. My jeans can fit completely different from the day before (weird) and my stomach will all of a sudden STICK OUT!!! What is wrong with me!! Lol
I cut out my carbs (the white flour kind) a few days ago, so far so good. I actually don't have a desire for it which is nice. But now I'm feeling like I need a really good "jump start." I need to get down and dirty on a strict eating plan for the next few days to hopefully get an inch or two (crossing my fingers!!) off! Is it possible? We'll see.
The best way I know of to really jump start my metabolism and body is A: extreme exercising (Check!) and B: 100% RAW.

Here's my plan:
Along side my daily workouts to ChaLEAN Extreme, I'm gonna go 100% RAW. I'm starting in the morning (wednesday) and I'm gonna finish on Friday night. A total of 3 days. Depending on how I feel, I might carry it on through out the weekend... we'll see ;)

But the goal is to be 100%!!!
I have a GREAT support team though... a sassy gal that is the "know it all" of RAW food living, Kristen of Kristens RAW. YEP!! I'm one lucky ass chick to get the encouragement and support of the RAW "hollywood" star. She's incredible!!

I'm gonna keep my RAW food eating simple. Meaning that i'm not going as far as dehydrating foods or juicing. Well, I would juice, but my juicer is packed away in a box right now. So I'll be eating fresh fruits and smoothies.... uumm... LOTS OF THEM!! he he he....

I'll keep you all posted! Cross your fingers I see results and a PHENOMINAL change! All I want right now is to wear my jeans and not ROLL OVER the top of them! yeah, I think they call that "muffin top!!" none of that!! Lol.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Compassion and Cutt'n out the Bread!!

This week's Chakra is the HEART CHAKRA (Compassion). This chakra is the center of love and influences the development of our compassion for ourselves and others. Self-love is the most important love of all. Practice breathing exercises and wear the color GREEN to stimulate this chakra.
Affirmation: I love myself unconditionally!

Lately I have been feeling so humbled. I've been growing as an individual, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend and spiritually. The past few weeks in particular. I'm so thankful for my family. I'm sooo thankful for my loving husband and 2 girls. I don't know what or why, but I'm sitting here writing this post and my eyes are full of tears. It wouldn't surprise me if I broke down in a full out sob-fest!! My heart is so full. I went to the spa with a good friend yesterday that I've known for a few years. She has a little boy pretty close to the same age as one of my little girls. Her family mean so much to me. My husband and my friend's boyfriend (they're not married) lived together right after high school. When I first started dating my husband, I remember going over to his apartment and hanging out with him and his roommate (now my girlfriend's boyfriend of 5 years).
Anyway, she told me yesterday that the two of them are splitting. That they don't love eachother anymore and they need to be apart. I couldn't understand it. I couldn't understand why. It broke my heart to hear this. I spent the whole day with her. Being a good friend, listening and telling her that it will all be OK.
I look at her and I look at her little boy and it brings a puddle of tears to my eyes because I just want them to be sooo happy. I want to see them laughing. We laughed because I was crying and having a harder time with the breakup then she was!! Ha ha ha...
When I got home from the spa and my girls ran to greet me at the door with hugs and kisses, along side my wonderful husband, I just started crying. Being so thankful for the love and appreciation we all share for eachother.
In no way am I saying I have it "better" then my friend or that my husband loves me more or anything like that. I'm just super thankful for the life I have and the family I have to share it with. It truly breaks my heart to see our close friends split and will now be switching off weekends with their son.

SO!!!!! This is why this chakra is so meaningful to me and couldn't have come at a better time. I want to show and share my compassion with all my friends and family. Let them know that I am here for THEM.
Along with that, showing myself the love I deserve from myself. Which brings me to the next peice of this post...

I have been doing really good with eating as much RAW as I can. I really can't consider myself High RAW though... I eat it when I can and when I do have a cooked meal, It's usually some kind of extreme carb (spaghetti, burrito with a flour tortilla, vegan pizza...) ha ha ha... not bad food, but this, I believe is my downfall. Because I tend to eat more than I should ;)
So for now, I would like to focus on eating as much RAW as I can, Vegan (of course) and NO BREADS!!!! NO REFINED CARBS!!!
I'm getting myself in trouble with the breads and pasta so I feel I just need to cut it out.

I want that 6-PACK this summer!!! he he he... I truly do!!! Gotta Sacrifice ;))

Well... thanks for letting me sob a little bit... he he he... not meaning to, but like I said, my heart is full :)

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Burn Intervals!

Tonight was a GREAT workout!! I did Burn Intervals... and let me tell you, I am so proud of myself!! I was able to keep up with the cardio portion of it (my breathing was under control) and I hung in there when working with the weights and thigh toning band (OUCH!!).
I feel like a million bucks right now!

I was supposed to also do Ab Burner tonight, but I'm in the moving process and I took the rug out of my living room and packed up the yoga mat... so tomorrow morning i'll be doing Ab Burner (in my bedroom where it's carpet) along with Burn Circuit 3. My handsome hubby and 3 year old princess are sleeping tight in the bed right now... so I won't wake them for 10 minutes worth of Ab training ;))

I've been eating good. Not GREAT, but good. I know I can be doing better. I'll be working on that. :))

I'm going to the spa this weekend for a little R&R :)) Yep! I was invited to go with a good friend and there ain't no way I'm turning down an invite so GREAT as the SPA!! woo hoo!!!

he he he...

Hope everyone is doing FANTASTIC!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update, RAW, No Pressure!

Woo hoo!!! Sweat'n and puff'n to Burn Circuit 1 this morning was GREAT!!! It feels so nice to be back on the program again :) I really pushed myself too!!! I thought that maybe this time around, doing the Burn Phase would be a little "easier"... right? Since I've been here before... uummm NO!!! Not at all!! Ha ha ha...
I mean, my legs are deffinitely stronger... squatting was not a problem (at least not at first, and actually not even half way through... towards the end... BURN!!). My arms are a tad stronger... I was able to do push-ups on my toes today (more than I had ever been able to do in the past) but to be honest with you, the struggle was in my chest! Yeah! My chest was feeling smaller than the air that was trying to come into it. I've always wanted to be a serious runner, but could never be because I couldn't ever get my breathing under control. So I know this is something I really gotta work on. I feel like I'm breathing through out the workout, but maybe not big enough breaths? IDK. I'll deffinitely be paying more attention to it ;)
Other than that, I really had a GREAT time. I'm fired up about these next 90 days.

I've been working on trying to be more RAW. A year ago, I lived a very high RAW lifestyle and it felt so good. I was in the best shape of my life and was ALWAYS full of energy and spunk! Somewhere along the lines, I stopped my RAW journey. It's been an entire year now that I have been 100% Vegan! I think that when I decided to live a Vegan lifestyle, I focused more on not eating dairy and meat and not so much on un-cooked food. Nothing wrong with that at all, both lifestyles are phenominal so sticking to one was good enough for me :)
Now that I'm living 100% Vegan and LOVING it, I want to incorporate more of my past lifestyle (RAW) into my daily food intake. For the past 2 weeks, I have been experimenting a little. I've been testing my cravings and really taking in focus to what it is my body is wanting. Fresh Fruit has been the answer. I really just want to eat fruit! Ha ha... SO! Breakfast, Snack and Lunch are fruit bowls or a banana/apple (as a snack) and dinner is usually steamed veggies on rice. Right now, veggies aren't appealing to me RAW... IDK why, probably because my juicer is out of reach currently so if I'm not gonna be juicing them... I don't want them (unless steamed!) ;))
Some days I just don't eat veggies because the want to live RAW is so strong right now. But when I do, I eat them no later than 6pm and I don't eat a whole lot.
My energy levels are rock'n and I'm feeling wonderful.
Also! I'm the type of person that puts ALOT of pressure on myself when wanting to commit to something (especially when that something is being announced to alot of other people). So I've been keeping the RAW food experiment on the "DL" and just seeing where it takes me :)
I would love to keep all of you informed and up to date with it, but NO PRESSURE!! ;)

Along with my Yoga, ChaLEAN Extreme Program and eating as high RAW as I possibly can (without the pressure ;)), I'm having to take it one day at a time and just love all the greatness that has come into my life. Yoga has helped me to be more calm, relaxed and happy... CE has boosted my confidence and is prepping me for my summer bod! Woo Hoo!! he he he... and living RAW makes me an all around better person. More energy, clear skin, gorgeous hair, better additude and healthy inside-out!! It's gonna be a FANTASTIC journey!! :)

And soon to follow this post will be my list of weights and reps I completed this morning :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Power" and Starting CE!!

Hello everyone!!

This week is the week of POWER. The third chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra: Power.
The third chakra represents personal power. It is the source of our idenity, and the integrity that comes from learning to be your truest self. It begins to develop during high school. Vigorous exercise, especially abdominal work, and the color yellow stimulate this chakra.

Affirmation: I am confident in my growing intelligence and wisdom.

Ooooh! FUN!! Wouldn't you say?!?! he he he...
This chakra is located right above the belly button. I can see how a strong core would make this chakra very powerful.
The affirmation is very confident and when said out loud, makes you feel POWERFUL! I love it!!

So here I go... a week of power and yellow!! :))

Today was gonna be day 1 of ChaLEAN Extreme... but because of my hike this morning and my P90X Intense 90 minutes of Yoga-X and a full day of work (and play)... I am just wanting to do some cardio on the elliptical, do some blogging (check!) and get to bed ;)) he he he...
SO!!! Tomorrow will be day 1!! No excuses!! he he he.... ;))

I'm truly excited to be starting the program over again! No back pain in weeks and I honestly feel that I'll be making it the full 90 days this time!! woo hoo!!!

Where be my cheerleaders at!!!! ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

ChaLEAN Extreme on the brain!

I'm totally looking forward to starting the CE program again. I feel great! No back pain. I've been relaxing (the best I can), stretching (yoga) and taking my time getting back into weight ligting :)

Along with my daily yoga, I'm ready to begin the CE program again :) come Monday, it will be Burn Circuit 1!! I'm really excited!!

Yoga is a difficult program in itself, but I love it! I want to keep up with it and see where it takes me :) I've been learning so much new and wonderful things that come along with the wonderful experience of stretching and finding your inner beauty and self :)

I LOVE the ChaLEAN Extreme Program and only wanted to take the time away that was needed while healing my back. Now that my back is better, I want to get right into it again :)

Come Monday, I'll be back in the CE groove :)

As far as yoga and my Chakra for the week, I have been having so much FUN!! Bringing out my "inner kid" has been a HUGE stress reliever ;) I recommend it to EVERYONE!! Hehehe...
Oh! And! I LOVE wearing Orange! Yeah! Idk what it is... But it's making me feel soooo happy :)))
Lots of smiles here :)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sacral Chakra: Creativity

Sacral Chakra: Creativity
The second chakra is located just below the navel and represents procreation and sexuality. Because it influences our most creative impulses, a strong sacral chakra contributes to an overall sense of well-being. Indulge your inner child, take pleasure in the wonders of the world, and wear the color ORANGE to stimulate this chakra.
Affirmation: I allow abundance and pleasure into my life.

I like this chakra!! I thought I had fun with The Root Chakra, but I think this one is gonna allow me to be a little more playful ;)
I love the affirmation. I'm gonna do my best to say it a few times a day.
My favorite part is, "indulge your inner child, take pleasures in the wonders of the world." Oh! I will do just THAT!! Hehehe...
This week will be a lot of fun! And YES! I do have Orange in my closet... I'm a Phoenix Suns fan ;)

Yoga has been very relaxing this past week. As I become more flexible and more balanced, the moves aren't as difficult, making my yoga practice more peaceful. I'm still feeling sore in different areas when I do it though, it never fails me to be in pain the next day, hehe.
For anyone that doesn't believe yoga gets u fit, lean and strong... WHATEVER!! Lol.

Anyway, cheers to another GREAT week!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Super Smoothing Hair Conditioner

I love my hair! I love the length, the shine, the EVERYTHING!! So I'm always looking for something to put on my hair to keep it from breaking, looking dull... blah blah blah. By eating more RAW and not washing it everyday like I use to, I've noticed it has been staying beautiful :)

A close friend of mine is trying out a new RAW line of hair products. I'm super excited about them and can't wait to hear what she has to report about them.

In the mean time, I've read that you should condition the last few inches of your tresses with mayonnaise (eeeewwww.... really??) I'm not likeing that idea so much... he he he... would Veganaise have the same effect??

One more thing! Do cucumbers really soothe the eyes?
Computers, air pollution, allergies and homework can make your eyes sore and puffy. I've always heard that if you chill a cucumber in the freezer for a few minutes (not to freeze it) and then to cut it in rounds and place over your eyes that the puffiness would go away... true??
I'd say it's worth a try ;))