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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Burn Intervals!

Tonight was a GREAT workout!! I did Burn Intervals... and let me tell you, I am so proud of myself!! I was able to keep up with the cardio portion of it (my breathing was under control) and I hung in there when working with the weights and thigh toning band (OUCH!!).
I feel like a million bucks right now!

I was supposed to also do Ab Burner tonight, but I'm in the moving process and I took the rug out of my living room and packed up the yoga mat... so tomorrow morning i'll be doing Ab Burner (in my bedroom where it's carpet) along with Burn Circuit 3. My handsome hubby and 3 year old princess are sleeping tight in the bed right now... so I won't wake them for 10 minutes worth of Ab training ;))

I've been eating good. Not GREAT, but good. I know I can be doing better. I'll be working on that. :))

I'm going to the spa this weekend for a little R&R :)) Yep! I was invited to go with a good friend and there ain't no way I'm turning down an invite so GREAT as the SPA!! woo hoo!!!

he he he...

Hope everyone is doing FANTASTIC!!!



Caterina said...

I know how you feel the Burn Intervals make me feel so powerful! Good job! :)

I actually just wrote a blog about the whole eating "good" but not great thing, it's my current issue. :/

Have fun at the spa.

Malynda Twitchell said...

Caterina: I LOVED your blog post!!! you are so super adorable! I had so much fun reading it.

I too keep a food journal... and sharing it with a buddy is great!!