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Thursday, April 9, 2009

ChaLEAN Extreme on the brain!

I'm totally looking forward to starting the CE program again. I feel great! No back pain. I've been relaxing (the best I can), stretching (yoga) and taking my time getting back into weight ligting :)

Along with my daily yoga, I'm ready to begin the CE program again :) come Monday, it will be Burn Circuit 1!! I'm really excited!!

Yoga is a difficult program in itself, but I love it! I want to keep up with it and see where it takes me :) I've been learning so much new and wonderful things that come along with the wonderful experience of stretching and finding your inner beauty and self :)

I LOVE the ChaLEAN Extreme Program and only wanted to take the time away that was needed while healing my back. Now that my back is better, I want to get right into it again :)

Come Monday, I'll be back in the CE groove :)

As far as yoga and my Chakra for the week, I have been having so much FUN!! Bringing out my "inner kid" has been a HUGE stress reliever ;) I recommend it to EVERYONE!! Hehehe...
Oh! And! I LOVE wearing Orange! Yeah! Idk what it is... But it's making me feel soooo happy :)))
Lots of smiles here :)



Annie said...

Glad you could make it back to CLX!!! I'm just finishing up my last phase and I can't wait to restart CLX!

Malynda Twitchell said...

Thanks Annie!! and WOW!! You're gonna restart the program? That's what I'm talking about!! he he he... you go girl!! :))