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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Super Smoothing Hair Conditioner

I love my hair! I love the length, the shine, the EVERYTHING!! So I'm always looking for something to put on my hair to keep it from breaking, looking dull... blah blah blah. By eating more RAW and not washing it everyday like I use to, I've noticed it has been staying beautiful :)

A close friend of mine is trying out a new RAW line of hair products. I'm super excited about them and can't wait to hear what she has to report about them.

In the mean time, I've read that you should condition the last few inches of your tresses with mayonnaise (eeeewwww.... really??) I'm not likeing that idea so much... he he he... would Veganaise have the same effect??

One more thing! Do cucumbers really soothe the eyes?
Computers, air pollution, allergies and homework can make your eyes sore and puffy. I've always heard that if you chill a cucumber in the freezer for a few minutes (not to freeze it) and then to cut it in rounds and place over your eyes that the puffiness would go away... true??
I'd say it's worth a try ;))


Kristen's Raw said...

Mayonnaise? NO!!!!! EEK! The suffering the animals had to go through to to have the mayonnaise made isn't worth it IMO.

There are so many other great alternatives. Healthy diet, including plenty of omegas!!! Flax, hemp!!! Don't forget your sea veggies!!!

And, yes, I can confidently say the stuff I'm using now I love. Will post about it this week. It's "different" but hey, I was washing my hair with organic mud prior to this, so I can definitely handle weird. haha


Malynda Twitchell said...

I agree!! Deffinitely NO on the Mayonnaise.. I was kinda kidding when asking if Veganaise did the same thing ;)) he he... but you're right! Tons of great foods and sea veggies. I love my dulse flakes!! as a matter of fact, i'm gonna go make an awesome smoothie and dump some dulse into it ;)) he he...
I can't wait to read what you write regarding the new products you're using!!