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Monday, April 27, 2009

Throat Chakra: Truth

The fifth chakra represents verbal expressions and communication. It influences the expression of emotions and creates understanding. Bright blues, such as turquoise and aquamarine, express the clear communication and thinking that is the essential nature of this chakra. Writing and storytelling stimulate this chakra.
Affirmation: I express myself honestly and with integrity and believe the world is listening to me.

This week is gonna be FUN!! For one! My favorite colors to wear are blues!! Second! I LOVE to write, so I'll be doing this chakra pretty much without meaning to ;)

I'm a very honest person as well. To even think of telling a lie kills me. I can't do it. I feel that if I tell a lie, the other person would see right through it, and then what would I do if ever caught in a lie? What a horrible feeling. So I'd rather not lie and just be bluntingly (is that a word?) honest with people... in a nice way of course ;))
Honesty has it's down falls too, but it beats lying.

Today's workout was Burn Circuit 1. (second week). I'm so funny, because lately I've been waking up at 5am but feeling really tired so I tell myself that I'll workout that night instead. Well, because I do that, I tend to miss working out at night due to a huge day of craziness, exhausted by the time I put the kids to bed... and just wanting to SLEEP!! So this morning, 5am turns over and the sun is starting to peak over the horizon, I say to myself, "get your ass up!!!" Lol... but in a "nicer" way ;))
I'm so glad I just got up when I did. Now my workout is done and if I choose to do an additional workout tonight, then great. But at least my goal was completed and is now out of the way.

I've been doing really good on my RAW journey :)
Last night we took our girls to the park to fly a kite and on our way, we picked up some french fries (one thing that I just LOVE!!). So yeah! I ate them... alot of them!! ha ha ha...

Today is a new day! French fries are NOT in the plan, just fresh fruit! YUM!!


Kristen's Raw said...

Glad to hear Raw is going well. I love wearing blues, too! (Wait, I thought your favorite color was pink though?)

So, if I show up with no makeup on and my hair a mess, and I ask you how I look... what are you gonna say? hahahaha

Yay for kite flying - FUN!! :)

Malynda Twitchell said...

i'm gonna say... "you look gorgeous Kristen!!" oh wait! nope, I lied :( I would say, "you look gorgeous SBF!!"


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