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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update, RAW, No Pressure!

Woo hoo!!! Sweat'n and puff'n to Burn Circuit 1 this morning was GREAT!!! It feels so nice to be back on the program again :) I really pushed myself too!!! I thought that maybe this time around, doing the Burn Phase would be a little "easier"... right? Since I've been here before... uummm NO!!! Not at all!! Ha ha ha...
I mean, my legs are deffinitely stronger... squatting was not a problem (at least not at first, and actually not even half way through... towards the end... BURN!!). My arms are a tad stronger... I was able to do push-ups on my toes today (more than I had ever been able to do in the past) but to be honest with you, the struggle was in my chest! Yeah! My chest was feeling smaller than the air that was trying to come into it. I've always wanted to be a serious runner, but could never be because I couldn't ever get my breathing under control. So I know this is something I really gotta work on. I feel like I'm breathing through out the workout, but maybe not big enough breaths? IDK. I'll deffinitely be paying more attention to it ;)
Other than that, I really had a GREAT time. I'm fired up about these next 90 days.

I've been working on trying to be more RAW. A year ago, I lived a very high RAW lifestyle and it felt so good. I was in the best shape of my life and was ALWAYS full of energy and spunk! Somewhere along the lines, I stopped my RAW journey. It's been an entire year now that I have been 100% Vegan! I think that when I decided to live a Vegan lifestyle, I focused more on not eating dairy and meat and not so much on un-cooked food. Nothing wrong with that at all, both lifestyles are phenominal so sticking to one was good enough for me :)
Now that I'm living 100% Vegan and LOVING it, I want to incorporate more of my past lifestyle (RAW) into my daily food intake. For the past 2 weeks, I have been experimenting a little. I've been testing my cravings and really taking in focus to what it is my body is wanting. Fresh Fruit has been the answer. I really just want to eat fruit! Ha ha... SO! Breakfast, Snack and Lunch are fruit bowls or a banana/apple (as a snack) and dinner is usually steamed veggies on rice. Right now, veggies aren't appealing to me RAW... IDK why, probably because my juicer is out of reach currently so if I'm not gonna be juicing them... I don't want them (unless steamed!) ;))
Some days I just don't eat veggies because the want to live RAW is so strong right now. But when I do, I eat them no later than 6pm and I don't eat a whole lot.
My energy levels are rock'n and I'm feeling wonderful.
Also! I'm the type of person that puts ALOT of pressure on myself when wanting to commit to something (especially when that something is being announced to alot of other people). So I've been keeping the RAW food experiment on the "DL" and just seeing where it takes me :)
I would love to keep all of you informed and up to date with it, but NO PRESSURE!! ;)

Along with my Yoga, ChaLEAN Extreme Program and eating as high RAW as I possibly can (without the pressure ;)), I'm having to take it one day at a time and just love all the greatness that has come into my life. Yoga has helped me to be more calm, relaxed and happy... CE has boosted my confidence and is prepping me for my summer bod! Woo Hoo!! he he he... and living RAW makes me an all around better person. More energy, clear skin, gorgeous hair, better additude and healthy inside-out!! It's gonna be a FANTASTIC journey!! :)

And soon to follow this post will be my list of weights and reps I completed this morning :)


Kristen's Raw said...

Whoo-hoo! You go girl! Fresh fruit rocks my house, too. Love it!

I can't wait to hear how your CE program goes with the food plan - I expect GREAT things!!!

Cheers and Love and Hugs!

Malynda Twitchell said...

Thanks Kristen!!!! I love your encouragement!!! ur so uplifting and inspiring :))