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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Counting Cals??? Not today!!! ;)

Ok!! So today started out pretty dang good... As u can see from my earlier post. I was feeling good, feeling empowered! Feeling like "I can do this!"
Well let me first share with you my attempt to count my calories today. I set my max cal count at 1300... And if needed, I will up my count as neccessary.
So here we go:
Breakfast: smoothie (480!)
Snack: Guac (100)
Lunch: 6 baby carrots (35) Guac (100) and 10 Olives (50)

I know the Olives aren't Raw... But I was sooo bummed when I went in the fridge and my spring mix lettuce was bad :( I was really wanting to make a yummy salad for lunch.

So like my intake looks really silly, right! Hahaha... But here's where it gets UGLY!! Lol!

So here I have about 805 calories accumulated. 495 cals remaining.

Something gos on during the day that gets be upset and feeling a little down... I go on an EATING BINGE!!! Lol. All Raw... But way out of my cal count for the day.
After lunch, I had not one serving of Guac, not two servings, but THREE servings of guac!!! Some carrots, a banana, and some pineapple!
I was a mad house!

I prepare dinner for the fam... Telling myself, "you're cut off girl!" And ended up having some diced tomatoes. Yeah! Idk... I went crazy! Lol.

So day one of COUNTING Cals... No bueno!! Hehehehe...

Tomorrow I have committed to a watermelon detox :) I have a whole seedless watermelon sitting on my counter that can't be cut into yet because I don't have any room in my fridge to store it. So tomorrow, I'm gonna EAT it! Is an entire watermelon too much in one day ;)


Kristen's Raw said...

Hey Mad House Girl! You can't go eating when you get emotional. That is a recipe for disaster. And, 10 olives are only 50 cals? you sure? olives are kind of fattening. you should double check that ;)

Well, at least you stayed Raw. Good for you!!! And... when you binge, you're supposed to text me!!!!! I'm here to help you stay on your path!

The watermelon fast will be fun. YUM!!! I ate a lot of watermelon today :)

Remember... when you eat melon (cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew) you need to eat these alone and NOT mixed with other fruits or foods. It's an important food combining principle to follow. Melons digest so quickly that if you eat them with anything else it'll slow down their digestion, causing them to ferment in your tummy (that's bad). So, eat them alone and give them about 20-30 minutes to digest before you eat anything else. Of course, you'll only be eating melon tomorrow, so you're all set... but, going forward, that's a good rule to follow :)


Malynda Twitchell said...

Thanks for the melon tip Kristen. I'll remember that.
and yes, the Nutrition Label on the can of olives said... serving size 5 olives... cals 25, so since I had 10 olives... 50 cals ;)still alot of cals to waist on olives!! bummer!! ha ha ha...
but you know... i may have had a "weak" day and ate more than I planned, but i'm still so super excited that i have remained RAW!!!
Today I will work harder to not allow myself to go over my 1300 cals.
I love you girl!!

Caterina said...

Look on the bright side your "emotional eating" was guac, olives & bananas not ice cream, pizza and doughtnuts. That's more than some people can say. :) And don't worry, you idenitified that you did it and can move on from it now.

Have fun with the rest of your RAW eating! You can do it! :]

Malynda Twitchell said...

THank you Caterina! :))

Steph Timms said...

Hey girl!

I know how it goes when it comes to emotional eating. That's how I ended up weighing in at 250lbs at one point in time! I've really had to train myself to look at food in a new light, and I think it's finally working. Food is fuel, plain and simple. Sure, it can taste great, and that's awesome, but food is no longer something I use as a reward or for emotional purposes.

And remember not to put so much pressure on yourself. I'm realizing more and more it's not about failing and having to start over again. It's about reminding myself that I'm human, and to keep on trucking because the good moments far outweigh the bad ones.

Next time you think you need to binge eat, go do some yoga and tell yourself if you're still hungry afterwards, you can eat. Chances are that the emotional hunger will disappear long before your yoga workout is over.

You doing this, girl! And you're rocking it!

*Huge hugs*

Malynda Twitchell said...

Oh Steph!! That was so sweet. and Yes I agree... eating out of emotional stress is not the key. Yoga, however, is!! :))
Thank you so much for your support!
I love you girl!!
Big hugs!!!