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A way of living, or thinking, a day's journey.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Please help me welcome Steph Timms

As you all know, I am a TBB Fitness Coach. I take alot of pride in helping others get fit and in shape :) As part of my Coaching program, I also help others with the same passion in health and fitness to be a part of the team and Coach as I do.

Yesterday evening, Steph Timms signed up as my newest Coach! She is an inspiration to alot of people. She lives a Vegan lifestyle and is currently taking part in a RAW food journey. She has just completed 14 days of 100% Raw living and has lost 10 pounds in TWO weeks!! Whoa!! :))

We share common interests and are now sharing the excitement to Coach others.

So please give love and great support to my new Coach... Steph Timms!!

Steph Timms is also on FaceBook (just Click!)