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Monday, June 29, 2009

Latest Vid (Countdown P90X!)

Here is the latest video everyone!!

Hope you enjoy it. Please rate and comment so that I know where to improve :))

Countdown P90X!!!! Video

P90X Challenge starts THIS wednesday!! July 1st! Let's Bring It together!!

If you're needing the program, here is the link to order it from:

It's never too late to join!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

P90X supplements, New Vid and still RAW!

Hello all!!
Forgive me for taking my time on posting. Lately I have been so super busy. I thought summer time was gonna slow down a bit, but it has proved me wrong. Between keeping my kids active (swim lessons, going to the parks, art camp, weekly movies, camping and so much more) and me building my TBB business... I have become a work-a-holic!! ha ha ha... not to mention, I have been working out EVERY day at 5am to prep my body for the P90X challenge starting July 1st.

I'm so excited about starting my challenge. I just recieved the P90X multivitamin supplements, P90X Recovery Formula and some more Chocolate Shakeology ;))
I'm feeling more ready with each day that passes.

I made a new video today, sharing the products. You can watch it HERE

I'm still doing the Raw Challenge. Can't say that I have been 100% from when I ended my last one until 2 days ago... I was eating HIGH Raw in that time. But have encouraged a few ladies to do a mini 7-day raw food challenge with me and we all started yesterday. It has been so much fun!! We're doing it in 7 day increments. After these 7 days if anyone is wanting to do another 7 days, then we share with one another and go about another 7 days of 100% Raw. :))

I have a lady that lost 3 pounds in since yesterday!!!!! She is getting married in August and was so extatic when she got on the scale today!! I'm sooo happy for her!!!

I feel great as well!!! I have a TON of energy which is keeping me going through all this crazyness ;)) he he he...

The BeachBody site has a new site, check it out:


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

14 day Raw challenge completed!!

Woo hoo!!!! I'm so proud of myself!!! 14 days of Raw food!!! I feel so wonderful!
So good that I'm challenging myself to ANOTHER 14 days!!
Yep! I can do it!! I know I can :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Oh wow!!!! Holy crap!!! I'm not even kidding!!!
Listen to this!!! I decided to join a Bootcamp class with my sister in law just for fun and to give us something to do together, and let me tell you!! This morning was our first class and I about DIED!!!! No joke ;)
I went in to this class thinking that I was READY for BOOTCAMP! I did ChaLEAN Extreme!! Come on!! The moves weren't bad, I was fine doing a hundred squats, a hundred plie squats, a hundred lunges, I lifted weights, did push ups... All of it!!! What got me was, I can't BREATH!!!! I can't freak'n breath!! Hahahaha... It's so true. This is why I have never been a runner. I can seem to coordinate my breathing with intense cardio. However, I do well with kickboxing and vigorous dancing... Maybe it's because I don't think about it, it just flows with me. I did really well with the CE program, but then I think about it, and there's very LITTLE cardio.
So want to hear my plan!! I have got to UP my cardio game if I want to be ready for P90X! P90X is very high intensity and in the Lean Plane (which is the plan I have chosen to follow), it is ALL cardio!!! Hahaha... So how do I prep??
For one, I'm sticking to this Bootcamp class every tuesday and thursday at 5:45am until it is over (end of July) PLUS I'm gonna have to add a cardio program for here at the house. I have chosen to do Turbo Jam. I know I sweat good to that program, its high impact and I truly feel that by doing the two, I'll be a success for P90X.
It's goodbye CE Lean and hello Turbo Jam and Bootcamp!!!

WOW!! Hehehe...

Oh!! And today, day 13 of my 14 Day Raw food challenge!!!! Woo hoo!!! I'm Bad-A!! Hehe :))

Have a great day everyone!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 10 Raw

Oh man!!!! I feel so great!!! I'm laying in bed right now writing this post and not even the least bit tired. It's 1am in the morning... Actually my 11th day ;) hehe...
This is gonna sound silly, but I wake up in the mornings feeling sexy and THIN!!!
I feel like all eyes are on ME! It's true! I notice the biggest of changes with my body since going Raw. My waist is smaller, my tummy is flatter and I have this high energy glow about me! It feels wonderful!!!!
I don't crave cooked food in the least. I want Raw in my body. I CRAVE the benefits of Raw food.
I'm feeling so good :))