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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preparing for the Challenge

We have plenty of time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenge. Have these on hand NOW and you won't be trying to gather everything last minute ;)

* Go to and print off the "60-Day Journal" sheet then take it to Kinkos and make 90 copies. This is your meal tracker for the challenge.

* If you're not already, sign up as a Club Member at to get recipe ideas, meal plans and your copy of the ChaLEAN Extreme Worksheets.

* Copy this Fit Test and make 5 copies (You will be doing 5 Fit Tests total in your first 60 days):

* Switch Kicks
* Power Jacks
* Power Knees
* Power Jumps
* Globe Jumps
* Suicide Jumps
* Push-up Jacks
* Low Plank Oblique

Get to know the Elite Nutrition Guide that comes with Insanity so that you have a great idea on how your meals should be prepared. The nutrition plan is just as important as the workout program, you can't do one without the other!!


New Year Challenge CALENDAR!

We're a month a way from starting the last challenge of the Year!! Fit~N~Fabulous New Year!!
This challenge has me so excited... I can't wait!
I have for all of you the calendar for our 90-day challenge, I need to gather all of your email addresses so that I can email it out to you.

So please leave a comment on this post with your email address!

Thank you!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fit~N~Fabulous in a Little Black Dress

My Little Black Dress! Sooo Fabulous!

It's time for a new challenge! Summer time is coming to an end and holidays are approaching. Going in to the holiday season with a sexy lean body will set you up for great converstation, ("Girl you look Fabulous!"... "How did you do it?"... "Please share your secret!") ;) he he... and will keep those gorgeous dresses and sassy tops looking better than ever before!
Challenge ONE! Fit~N~Fabulous in a Little Black Dress!!
I came up with this challenge while working out with my little sister the other day. We both have our birthdays in October (October 21st and the 22nd) and we both thought how great it would be to go out on our birthdays and wear a sexy little black dress to show off our hard work!
Exercising every day, eating right and never giving up!
So! The challenge is... get your hot ass in a little black dress by October 22nd and celebrate my birthday with me!!! And of course, do it for yourself!!!
Challenge TWO! Fit~N~Fabulous New Year Party!!
Come October 1st, we will be doing Insanity and ChaLEAN Extreme!! The two programs go hand in hand. ChaLEAN Extreme is all about lifting heavy and getting lean and toned, while Insanity is all about Pure Cardio! Talk about getting the Ultimate Sexy Package!! You will get it with this challenge!! ChaLEAN Extreme is a 90-day program, and Insanity is a 60-day program... so we'll be starting the challenge out with the first 60- days of Extreme Insanity, and then on the last 30-days, we'll end it with the Lean phase of ChaLEAN Extreme and bring it home!! We'll all be Tight and HOT for our New Year's Party!!! No better way to kick off the New Year then with a FABULOUS Body to show off!!!
You can get Insanity and ChaLEAN Extreme on my SITE. (Click here!)
For the first challenge, we're staying dedicated to the programs that we all are currently on, unless you're not on a program then go to my site: and pick out a program that will work for you! Note! The Slim Series is a 6-week program that is guaranteed to get you in to tip top shape :)
Anyone that signs up on my page will also have the pleasure of having me as their own personal Coach! You can participate as a FREE member or as a Club Member where you will have access to recipes, a BMI Calculator, Trainer's Tips and so much more!
I want to see all of you Challenger's working out in WOWY as well!! It's FREE and it's a great way to track your progress, meet others that are doing the Challenge and keep motivated!!
If there are any questions about signing up and having me Coach you on your Challenge, then simply email me at
Cheers to great Health and a FABULOUS Body!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

P90X - Week 5

This is my fifth week of P90X! Second phase! I am feeling great!! I notice a difference in my leg and arm strength... And even better, in my abdominal strength!! I am getting so much better at Ab Ripper, its amazing :)
Tomorrow I have Chest, Triceps and Biceps along with Ab Ripper! I am so excited as this is probably my favorite workout! My goal is to curl 15lbs and use 10lbs for my triceps :) I got my hand gloves at the sports store the other day so I'm hoping they help with gripping the weights.
My weight has stayed the same since startting the program, and has actually gone UP a few times and then back down to where I started... No worries! I'm gaining muscle so I don't mind. I didn't take my measurements on day 30, so on day 60, we'll see where I stand ;)
I went back to eating Raw as of Monday, I'm feeling GREAT! My goal is to be 100% for the week. Already I'm experiencing insomnia! Hahaha... And my energy levels are sky rocketing!
I wanted to eat Raw because since I have made the decision to add egg-whites to my diet and whey protein powder, I've been feeling sluggish. I want to give my body a "detox" and re-boost my antioxidant levels :) so Raw it is!
I'm having FUN! I'm pushing PLAY and I'm loving LIFE!!!

Who else is doing P90X with me? Let me know your favorite P90X workout and WHY and you will be entered in to a drawing to win a FREE P90X Protein Bar!

Wanna know more about BB programs or are interested in Coaching? Check it all out here:


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Roselyn Sanchez Gets in Shape with P90X