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Friday, November 27, 2009

1st Weigh In!

Earlier this week, Chris (my trainer) announced to me that there will be a "weigh in" this week! Saturday to be exact!!
As soon as I heard that, I got a little nervous because even though I have eating right and doing my 20 minute max interval cardio every day, I knew that my inches were showing progress more so than my weight.
So through my entire workout, all I could do was think about that dang weigh in! Hahaha.
Before I left the gym, Chris shouted out, "Malynda! 150 by Saturday!"... 3 weeks ago when I did my consultation, I weighed 156lbs. I was thinking, "sure, I know I can be at 154, but 150!!!" I knew he wouldn't believe me that I was at home eating PERFECT if I didn't weigh in at 150. It was kinda a bummer feeling.
After my workout I went home, ate breakfast and jumped on the scale... 157!!! Yes!! Between 157 and 158!!! I was devastated!!
I kept my diet clean and simple (even on Thanksgiving) and this morning (being Friday, the day before the weigh in) I weigh 153-154.
Now mind you, at the beginning of the week when I weighed myself on MY scale... Was convinced that my scale was wrong and went over to my sis in laws house and weighed myself again. I weighed 155.8 on her scale... MUCH better than 157-158 ;)
I'm feeling very confident!! This morning's weigh in was 153-154 and we already know my scale weighs me a couple pounds heavier, SOOO.... I just may weigh in at 150 in the morning!!!!!!!!
We'll see!!!
Update tomorrow!! :))


TheFitnessFreak said...

You weighed yourself after you ate? Are you crazy?!! I don't even weigh myself if it's humid outside ; ) Don't stress about the weight. The scale has the darndest weigh of making us feel lousy. I only weigh myself in case of emergency, haha.

Malynda Twitchell said...

I agree Nicole!!
I actually stay off the scale and base my success on the way my clothes fit, but something triggered a panic when Chris said that I will be stepping on the scale Saturday morning... I was so curious!!! Lol!!
But I know I have been doing Excellent on my plan and know tomorrow will NOT be a dissapointment! :))

Kristen's Raw said...

Good luck!