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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beginning of the Raw Cleanse (Monday March 1st) and the Announcement of the First Give A Way!

Welcome to the RAW Cleanse! You are here because YOU want to be here! You’re either looking for a short cleanse (1-3 days) or a longer cleanse (14 days) or an even LONGER cleanse (30 days and beyond). Whichever the length of your cleanse is, you will benefit with huge results!
Clearer Skin
Shiny Hair
Stronger Nails
And so much more!

This Raw Cleanse will cleanse your body of toxins and rid your mind of old habits of poor food choices. You’ll learn the power of Raw and the importance it has on our overall health.

Take this journey one day at a time and don’t rush it! Enjoy the meals you make! Enjoy the decisions you are making. Let the food take care of you!
You will be surprised on what will come out of eating 100% Raw ☺

I imagine all of you went grocery shopping this weekend for preparation for the next few days. Lots of fresh fruits, fresh veggies, frozen fruit for easy to make smoothies and leafy greens for salads. I know! I know!! Salads may seem boring… but feel free to dazzle them up!! Add some red peppers, cucumber, tomato, avocado, sunflower seeds, dates, dices carrots, the sky is the limit.

Raw is anything prepared under 118 degrees. So if you’re wanting to dehydrate, keep the thermostat set at 117.

If anyone is new to juicing, and doesn't have a juicer... no sweat!!! Add water to a blender, your washed produce (cucumber, zucchini, celery, apple... etc.), blend it all up, then run all the liquid through a paint straining bag (or nut milk bag) to remove all the excess pulp. Discard the pulp and what is left is the JUICE!!! You may have to run the juice through the bag a time or two, but it's super easy and I find to be a lot of fun (especially with the kids).

I’ve had a lot of requests for salad dressings. I have to say that I personally recommend Kristen Suzanne’s book: Easy Raw Vegan Salads & Dressings. This book has amazing recipes that are easy to make in the kitchen. You can find the book on Amazon or by going to
Another great book to have handy to you is Raw Food Real World. This book has been a tool that I have used in the kitchen many many times when prepping Raw Recipes.

The best way to assess how many calories per day you eat is by keeping track. A great way to do this is by writing it down. Keeping a food diary is more than just writing it down. It will help you become aware of the foods you are eating and how often... it way also give you insight as to WHY you are eating them.

Great websites that are great sources for Raw:

Raw Success Stories:

Living Food Information:

I will be sharing recipes on the Raw Cleanse Group so be on the look out for those ☺

Stay in connection with the group!
Email me personally at and/or write on the group wall stating how many days you are doing the Cleanse for. Accountability is Success!

Now!! At the end of the week there will be a GIVE-A-Way!!! YES!!! A FREE Give-A-Way to keep the group motivated! The drawing will take place on Friday night (March 5th).
I want to hear from ALL of you (those who want in on their chance to WIN): What did you eat the night before the Raw Cleanse began (Sunday Feb. 28th) and what are your goals for completing this Cleanse. Are you doing a short term cleanse or a long term cleanse (explain to me the time frame of your Raw Cleanse).
All entries MUST be in no later than Friday night at 11pm (MST) and come Midnight, I will announce the winner of the Give-A-Way!!!
The winner of the Give-A-Way will receive a box of 12: Vega Vibrancy Bars!! These bars are 100% RAW, Vegan and Energizing!!!
The Stats on these bars:
Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bar is a sumptuous celebration of organic plant-based superfoods. Raising the ‘bar’ to a new level, Vega Vibrancy Bars:

Contain an array of great stuff, like sprouted buckwheat, hemp seed, sprouted almonds, Salba, a├žai, chardonnay grape and Vega’s own Antioxidant EFA Oil Blend.
Are organic, raw, sprouted, enzymatically-alive, vegan, gluten-free, alkaline-forming, omega-rich and delicious too!
Come in 3 flavours: Wholesome Original, Green Synergy and Chocolate Decadence.
Each Vibrancy bar features:

17.5g of sprouts, rich in enzymes and phytonutrients
10g of raw protein for easy digestion
4g of Omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids
5g of soluble and insoluble fiber (20% of RDI)
Whether you're reaching for mouth-watering taste or a healthy snack with lasting energy, Vibrancy bars will satisfy any appetite.

So let’ all have FUN and let’s DO THIS!!!!!!

Please email me with ANY questions (

Eat to fuel your body!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meeting Brendan Brazier!

How EXCITED am I!!
Last night at Sprouts I met Brendan Brazier! Author of The Vegan Nutrition Guide, Thrive. Professional Ironman Triathlete and Formulator of Vega.
I have probably read Thrive AT LEAST 6 times front to back! I'm obsessed with the teachings in this book and even more so now that I am training for a Figure Show 100% Vegan.
When Vega Kelly (from Vega Community) announced that Brendan was going to be at Sprouts in my neck of the woods.. well, I couldn't pass this opportunity up! I had already missed the last time Brendan was in Az. I would have felt absolutely horrible if I would have missed him AGAIN!
So I did everything I could to go!
I skipped (literally) right into Sprouts with my book in hand and a HUGE cheesy grin on my face! I was like a little girl! It was quite amusing!
Brendan was sitting there ( playing with his phone... probably FB'ing ;) ). We talked about his book and I told him about the recipes that I have tried from his book. I could have sat all night and talked to him... picked his brain for every piece of knowledge I could have obtained. It was fantastic and everything I needed.
There will be a Figure Show in July and I WILL be ready!!! Cut, Lean and 100% VEGAN!!!! Oh yeah!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Join me in starting P90X Feb 15th!!

100% Vegan and high RAW!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Loving Left-Overs!

Left-Overs are becoming a big deal in my diet.
I use the first day of the week to soak and rinse my beans that I will eat for the week (or at least next few days). This week I cooked black beans, red beans and black-eyed peas. I made enough brown rice to last me and my family 3-4 days, organic corn and organic green peas, and quinoa. Everything is ready to go!
The only prep time I need for my meals are heating (which I heat all my goodies in a pot with a tsp of coconut oil), and dicing of any fresh veggies. I picked up some lettuce at the CSA this weekend that I use as a bed for my heated ingredients.
With my busy day to day life, it is important for me to have my food ready and available to me to cook and prepare quickly, but without risking my health. I choose to cook and prepare my own food rather than buy something frozen or packaged. It makes me feel much better and a lot lighter on my feet :)
Between my Raw Vegan Protein smoothies and vegan rice and veggie bowls, I got it made!
Don't let those left-overs go to waist!
Create a lunch or dinner bowl with a variety of veggies or make a soup!
My husband and I have come to the conclusion that making the base of our meals ahead of time and making rice and veggies the staple of our diet, we're making our wallets fatter :)
It's a fantastic WIN-WIN!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sleeping Beauty Pink Princess Smoothie

Sleeping Beauty Pink Princess Smoothie:

* 1 Scoop Amazing Grass Green SuperFood
* 1 Cup Organic Frozen Strawberries
* 1 Cup Water
* 1 tbs Madhava Pure Organic Agave Nectar Light
(Amazing Grass and Agave Nectar in my easy to access "Store")
"Post Workout", my girls enjoyed this amazing PINK smoothie which they named themselves... Sleeping Beauty!!

The girls did their workout this morning to Tony & The Kids! They were so cute! Ryan and I did our Insanity workout in the living room right next to them and we all enjoyed a wonderful morning workout TOGETHER :)

Afterwards, we all indulged in delightful smoothies :) What a wonderful way to show the girls the importance and fun of taking care of our bodies!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

MY 100th POST!!

Wow!! 100 posts and 100 more to come!!

When I realized I was approaching my 100th post, I wanted to take some time in truly thinking about WHAT I wanted this post to be. Leaving all my training aside, my diet, my workouts... none of it I wanted to write about (at least not for this once in a lifetime post) ;)
I've thought about this post now for 3 days... and the only thing I can think to write about is the GRATITUDE I have for the loved ones I have in my life.

So Cheers to this 100th post... and let the THANKING begin!

First and foremost, I must thank my loving husband, Ryan, for continuing to show me his support and love with everything I choose to take on in my life. Ryan
has always been there right beside me holding my hand and telling me to "do it babe" "
what do you have to lose." He is the shoulder I cry on, my breath of fresh air, my strength to keep going and my one in a million BEST FRIEND! I'm not the easiest person to tolerate and I know that ;) But he does it with no effort and reminds me that everything will always be "OK".
Never have I gone a day without thanking the Lord for the blessing of my husbands unconditional love for me.
I'm thankful for Ryan's Dad, Kerrie, who played a huge part in arranging the relationship between Ryan and I. I was 17 when I met Kerrie who had introduced me to Ryan (21). I KNEW Ryan was my "Soul Mate"... and to this day I believe Ryan is my "Soul Mate."
I can't express enough in words how much I love my husband and just how thankful I am to have him as part of my life :)

Second, I want to thank my two beautiful girls who have given me nothing but love. They treat me like a Super Hero Mommy!! As if I can't ever do anything wrong :) In their innocent little eyes, I AM their hero! I'm so blessed to have been given the role as a Mother... I couldn't have asked for a greater happiness. These two little Princess's keep megrounded and always on my toes to be a better example. As we continue to grow together, and continue to learn from each other, these two girls willalways be the fire in my heart that will drive me to greater success!! Nothing can top the love that a Mother possesses for her children! I LOVE you GIRLS and am extremely thankful for the two little hearts that beat so curiously for life itself :)

I want to thank my Family! My brother, sister, Mom, Mother in law, 3 Sister in laws (one in which is my best friend!!) :) my annoying brother in law who will continue to give me a hard time about eating Vegan... our love-hate relationship is more fun than you all know ;) ha ha ha...

Thank you Team Beachbody and my AMAZING Family of Coaches!!! You ALL Rock!! You all keep me going each and every day. I want to succeed more than I did the day before, and most importantly, I want to see all of YOU succeed! Together as a TEAM, we will all see each other at the TOP!!

Thank you Kristen Suzanne for being a tremendous friend to me and someone that I can go to for advice on training as a Vegan, advice on eating Raw, great recipes to share with my precious family and for a nice girl talk with endless giggles. You have been there for me through thick and thin. We may have had our differences and voiced them aggressively at times, but we are one of a kind friends and have built a solid friendship that will last a lifetime. Without your loyal friendship, I wouldn't know what I know today. I'm truly blessed to have an amazing and warm hearted friend as YOU!

Thank you God for giving me the life I live today! For guiding me in the direction to learn and teach others. Thank you for using me to help others become healthier and live stronger! I am so beyond thankful for this life you have given me... I will do my very best to succeed in being a friend and helping as many people as I can succeed!!

Thank you... all of you for your support!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My husband's FAVORITE Greenberry Shakeology Recipe

Enjoy this recipe everyone!!!

If you would like to know how you can save 25% on your order AND receive FREE shipping, then email me at