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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Super Busy... and HAPPY to be needed!!

Gosh it has been FOREVER since I updated this pretty little blog of mine. Better get with it!!

The past couple of weeks have been amazing!! I have been meeting people left and right who are wanting to change this world one life at a time. Super wonderful! I have been enjoying lunches, afternoon teas, phone calls and email upon emails on the matter... and I'm not about to stop!! I am loving every minute of it! :)

I have goals, dreams and all in which need to be made into reality!

New projects are forming that I am super excited to share with all my readers... I have formed a Fit Club for the area of Scottsdale/Phoenix called Fit N' Fabulous Fit Club. The meeting places are still awaiting confirmation so in the mean time, I am planning gorgeous hikes to enjoy with my Fit Club in the next week! This is going to be wonderful! I will have a chance to meet more people in my area, talk to them, get to know them and make a few new friends. Together we will be on the path to living a healthier lifestyle and longer life.

Next on the agenda is an even bigger project... don't know if I will spill the beans just yet on this one ;) So as the deadline approaches, I will be sure to share!

I've made a great new Friend who is a Nutritionist, Dietician, Personal Trainer and ex-Fitness Model. together we will be working as a Team to help others get in the best shape and health of their lives!! I can't wait!!
This is everything I have ever wanted to do... help OTHERS succeed!!

So here I go!! Stay tuned!! There is so much more to come!!

As a Motivating Beachbody Coach, I welcome other's to join this amazing Team of helping other's around us and setting the example of a healthy lifestyle and positive well-being :)
Feel free to email me with questions at or simply visit my site:


Friday, May 7, 2010


Finally! After a year of working out, eating clean and feeling as if I was gonna pull out all of my hair... I am FINALLY sitting below 150 pounds!! Yep! Today I weighed in at 148! I was feeling so good! Because actually, I have been at 148 for a couple days now :)
This is a HUGE deal for me! Because when I was doing workout program after workout program, converting to an all 100% Vegan diet, seeing a personal trainer and still couldn't drop below 150... I was running out of ideas! Ha ha ha...
I believe that the thyroid medication, good eating and continuous strength training has really pushed this weight loss. We all know I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, and that I am now taking a prescription for it. It's crazy just how powerful your thyroid really is and the importance it plays in your body.
There are many women who swear they have a thyroid issue (they have all the signs) and still their doctor won't diagnose them with Hypothyroidism and therefore won't help or offer them with treatment for it. It's very sad to me.
There may still be hope that I can compete this summer!! (crossing my fingers!!)

I've been switching up my workouts between Chalean Extreme and Insanity with a Bootcamp Class twice a week. I feel good! Before finding out all this, I was very low on energy and hadn't been working out like I usually do... actually for some days wasn't working out at all. It was very upsetting. But all is better now!! I feel really good!!

Anyway!! just had to share!! My weight goal is 135... we'll see ;)