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Friday, May 7, 2010


Finally! After a year of working out, eating clean and feeling as if I was gonna pull out all of my hair... I am FINALLY sitting below 150 pounds!! Yep! Today I weighed in at 148! I was feeling so good! Because actually, I have been at 148 for a couple days now :)
This is a HUGE deal for me! Because when I was doing workout program after workout program, converting to an all 100% Vegan diet, seeing a personal trainer and still couldn't drop below 150... I was running out of ideas! Ha ha ha...
I believe that the thyroid medication, good eating and continuous strength training has really pushed this weight loss. We all know I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, and that I am now taking a prescription for it. It's crazy just how powerful your thyroid really is and the importance it plays in your body.
There are many women who swear they have a thyroid issue (they have all the signs) and still their doctor won't diagnose them with Hypothyroidism and therefore won't help or offer them with treatment for it. It's very sad to me.
There may still be hope that I can compete this summer!! (crossing my fingers!!)

I've been switching up my workouts between Chalean Extreme and Insanity with a Bootcamp Class twice a week. I feel good! Before finding out all this, I was very low on energy and hadn't been working out like I usually do... actually for some days wasn't working out at all. It was very upsetting. But all is better now!! I feel really good!!

Anyway!! just had to share!! My weight goal is 135... we'll see ;)



Kristen's Raw said...

I'm so so so over the moon happy for you. Yay!

Congrats doll :) XOXO,

Ana said...

Hello Malynda, so great to hear.
I am on a quest against hypothyroids and adrenal fatigue.
Would you mind sharing with me which Sublingual B12 you take, please?

Also, are you still eating oxalates like Spinach, Kale,etc. and the Brasicca family: Broccoli, Cabbage,etc. raw?

Hope it carries on to work out for you! : ) x

Malynda Twitchell said...

Hi Ana!
Yes, I do eat broccoli and cauliflower... but steamed. and I do eat spinach with almost every meal.
The B12 Sublingual drops I get are from my Dr.'s office, they are called: PURE Encapsulations B12 Liquid.

I wish you the best sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Malynda.
I didn't read this message until today, as I didn't get a notification of your reply. I just remembered today I had asked the question, and came to see if you had replied.

I use quite often baby spinach, raw obviously- for my smoothies, as it's the only greens I can find in my supermarket, but as I am aware it's got oxalates which disturb thyroid function- I thought it might be a good idea to stop doing it.
Thanks for sharing the B12, I will have to see if I can find something similar here in the UK.

It's all quite mind-boggling, and I have been trying for years to figure it all out, but trying to stay positive.

It's quite nice to read you're doing much better. Please keep us posted, as it's a subject which we are so missinformed about.
Take care, lots of love and gratitude to you, xoxo Ana.