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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Insanity ~ Pure Cardio Workout Video!

Here I am!! Working out to Insanity ~ Pure Cardio! Enjoy!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Coenzyme Q10 ~ A Miracle Nutrient

You May Benefit from CoQ10 supplementation if:

* You are over 40
* You are on statins to reduce cholesterol
* You are experiencing difficulty with memory, mood, and clear thinking "Brain Frog"
* You have diabetes
* You have high blood pressure
* You suffer from congestive heart failure
* You avoid red meat
* You are Vegan
* You are and endurance exerciser
* You are under stress
* You are exposed to pollutants or cigarette smoke
* Your immune system is stressed or comprised

I don't know about you, but I see at least 4 subjects on this list that tells me that I need CoQ10 Supplementation... that seems like a big deal!

The powerful health benefits of CoQ10 have been widely recognized. Initially, in controlled trials of heart patients in Japan, positive effects on cardiac output and hypertension were noted. Subsequently hundreds of other scientific papers published in the United States and around the world expanded the recognized benefits of CoQ10 to include is antioxidant role, preventing damage to cell membranes by reactive chemicals called free radicals, which are formed naturally as a result of the body's normal activity and free radicals are also found in the environment in the form of every day pollutants such as exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke. Countering the effects of aging and stress on tissues with high energy requirements such as the heart, brain, kidney, and immune system is another key function to CoQ10.

Reported beneficial effects of CoQ10 extend to include cancer, asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue, atherosclerosis, and many other degenerative conditions.

Foods such as meat, broccoli and spinach as well as soy beans and palm oils are sources of dietary CoQ10. CoQ10 is found in many foods, but at very low concentrations. It would be extremely difficult to acquire a reasonable dose of CoQ10 strictly through the typical diet. One would have to consume approximately three pounds of sardines or 15 pounds of broccoli a day to provide the minimal suggested supplementation levels... No thank you!! ;)

CoQ10 is produced by the following chemical process known as the mevalonate pathway, a synthesis pathway also shared by cholesterol. Widely used statin drugs like Lipitor, Crestor, Simvastatin, Prevacol and others block both the production of cholesterol, a very positive benefit, but also block the production of CoQ10 precursors. As a consequence, over time, the body's reserve of CoQ10 may become depleted and a person taking statins may experience muscle aches, fatigue, and "brain fog." With aging the body's ability to produce CoQ10 decreases and many conditions increase the body's requirements for CoQ10.

I used to work in a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician and have always seen CoQ10 but had never known the benefits or the reason behind taking it. I am greatful to be learning about it now... as a Vegan, an endurance exerciser, a person who is exposed to pollutants and daily stress (who isn't!) is in need of a great CoQ10 supplement!

So where do you shop for this CoQ10? With over a hundred different brands to chose from and teens behind the GNC counters who don't know anything about the supplement itself, how do you find a great CoQ10 supplementation?

And here is WHY... Genewize LifeMap Me nutritional supplements and LifeMap "ME" repair serum are individually custom formulated with the form of CoQ10 that best matches YOUR personal genetic makeup. Because each of us is unique from the outside or the inside, Genewize provides the right CoQ10 for YOU!!

Now that is the way to go!!! Customization! Why settle for less? DON'T!

Cheers to GREAT Health!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Purple "Jasmine" Smoothie


2 Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk (Vanilla)
1 Cup Blueberries
1 Banana
3 Dates
1 Scoop Berry Vega

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Raw Cleanse Give a Way Winner!

At the beginning of the Raw Cleanse, I asked all the members 3 questions:
* What was your last cooked meal before starting the cleanse?
* How many days is your goal for your Raw Cleanse?
* What is your WHY for doing the Cleanse?

For the ones who have participated in the drawing, I wrote down the names of each, threw the names in a bowl and randomly picked one lucky winner!

Becky Haavisto Demastus is our very first Raw Cleanse FREE Give a Way WINNER!!!!

Her answers to the questions:

"The night before starting my raw cleanse I ate Penne Al la Vodka. One of my FAVORITE pasta dishes. So creamy and rich...ummm, ummm, good :)

My Raw Cleanse goal is/was originally 30 days, but I think I'm going to keep going! I continue to lose weight at a steady pace of 1-2lbs/week and I have a goal and I'd like to stay raw until I meet that goal then stay "mostly" raw once I reach my goal. My mind is so clear and I feel great!!

Why did I join? Because I need motivation to be successful in the things that I do. My friends and family think it's crazy to eat all raw so surrounding myself with people like me motivate me to keep going."

Becky Demastus

What an awesome goal Becky!! And you're right on, surround yourself with people like you who will motivate you to keep going!!!!

Congratulations Becky!!!!

Choose from one of the following flavors:
** Chocolate Decadence
** Green Synergy
** Wholesome Original

Vega has donated a Box of 12 for our Give a Way!! Aren't they so super sweet!!!

Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bars Facts:
Vega Whole Food Vibrancy Bar is a sumptuous celebration of organic plant-based superfoods. Raising the ‘bar’ to a new level, Vega Vibrancy
Contain an array of great stuff, like sprouted buckwheat, hemp seed, sprouted almonds, Salba, a├žai, chardonnay grape and Vega’s own Antioxidant EFA Oil Blend.
Are organic, raw, sprouted, enzymatically-alive, vegan, gluten-free, alkaline-forming, omega-rich and delicious too!
Come in 3 flavours: Wholesome Original, Green Synergy and Chocolate Decadence.

Each Vibrancy bar features:
17.5g of sprouts, rich in enzymes and phytonutrients
10g of raw protein for easy digestion
4g of Omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids
5g of
soluble and insoluble fiber (20% of RDI)

Whether you're reaching for mouth-watering taste or a healthy snack with lasting energy, Vibrancy
bars will satisfy any appetite.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Easy way to Get Started & Succeed at the Raw Food!

Kristen's Raw: The Easy Way to Get Started & Succeed at the Raw Food Vegan Diet & Lifestyle

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Post Workout Raw CHOCOLATE Protein Smoothie

Day 3 of the Raw Cleanse!

Today's Workout:
Indanity Cardio Power and Resistance
P90X Shoulders and Arms
P90X Ab Ripper X

Post Workout Raw Chocolate Protein Smoothie:
1 Scoop Chocolate Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein Powder
4 Tbs Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder
5 Dates
2 Tbs Raw Cacao Nibs
2 1/2 Cups Water
1 Cup Ice
1 Banana

Oh YUMMMY!! This energizing Smoothie hit the SPOT after an intense workout!! I feel great!! The Cacao nibs add a little "bite" to the smoothie that I just LOVE!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Raw Cleanse Day 1 Intake

Today was a wonderful day! I hadn't really felt "hungry" until tonight, but all in all, a very good day!!!
Here is my Raw Intake:


Cardio Abs (Insanity)
Weights: Chest and Back

Post Workout:
3 cups Water
2 Scoops Vanilla Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein Powder
2 Cups Frozen Fruit
4 Dates
2 Big Handfulls of Kale
This smoothie was BIG!! Lol... I had half after working out and the rest an hour later.

1 Avocado
1 Tomato

Romaine Lettuce
Goji Berries
Vega EFA Oil

1 Sliced Banana with Mulberries

RawVolution Bar
(Coconut and Agave Nectar)

CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIE!!!!! (best dinner EVER!!!) ;)
1 Scoop Chocolate Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein Powder
1 tbs Raw Cacao Nibs
2 cups Ice
2 Cups Water
1 Scoop Garden of Life Super Greens (Raw) :))

1 Apple with Raw Almond Butter

Maca Power from Navitas Naturals
B Vitamin
D Vitamin

Even when doing a high intensity cardio and strength training workout, I felt really good. Never during the day did I feel tired, "lazy," sluggish... etc. I felt energized and as long as I ate every hour and a half, I didn't feel "hungry" ;)
I'm not counting my calories, just going with it.. for now. I forgot to weigh myself this morning so I will weigh tomorrow.

How was YOUR Raw day??