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Thursday, December 31, 2009

12-Week Macronutrient Ratio Plan

12 - Week Macronutrient Ratio Plan ~

5 Meals a day, 3 ratios and NO extra!

My meals are broken up into 3 ratios - Protein, Carbs and Fat.

Low Carb Macros Per Meal:
My first 3 meals of the day consist of 35g Protein, 30g Carbs and 8.5g Fat. My last two meals of the day consist of 35g Protein, 5g Carbs and 8.5g Fat. (Total Calories: 1691)

High Carb Macros Per Meal:
My first 5 meals of the day consist of 24g Protein, 39g Carbs and 8g Fat. My last meal of the day consists of 24g Protein, 39g Carbs and 2g Fat. (Total Calories: 1890)

I am on 3 days Low Carb, then 1 day High Carb, 3 days Low Carb, 1 day High Carb and so on...

Today I am feeling really low on energy, tired and moody.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Transformation taking place

December 15th 2009

December 13th 2009

December 15th 2009

December 13th 2009

November 5th 2009, Beginning of my Figure Transformation.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Get TIGHT Behind the Work Desk

The Sculpting Band
Sculpt your abs, inner thighs, and upper body to get a sexy and shapely physique. Improve your strength and range of motion, too!
There are NO excuses for getting the tight thighs and lean legs you've always wanted! Too busy you say... not enough time to in your day to workout...
Well look at this!!! My friend Jamee is an example of setting her goals and doing whatever she can to make them a reality! She works behind a desk and some days works long hours... will that stop her from getting the sculpted legs she is wanting... not to mention great abs through this simple workout.
While Jamee is typing away at her desk and answering phones, she is secretly toning her thighs below her work station with a Sculpting Band! It's so simple and so easy!!
This band is great for when you're sitting on the couch and watching your favorite TV shows, standing patiently in the kitchen waiting for dinner to cook... add some resistance to those standing squats!!
The sky is the limit with these toning bands!

Brazil Butt Lift!

Trainer to world-famous supermodels, Leandro Carvalho combines Brazilian dance, cardio, and his own signature lower-body sculpting moves to lift, firm, and shape your behind for a rear view you've only dreamed about.
Reduce, lift, and shape your booty

Leandro's proven TriAngle Training method works all three major muscles of the buttocks from multiple angles to reduce your hips and saddlebag area, slim your thighs, and lift your butt without bulking up your thighs. You can even customize the workout plan to turn your current shape into the one you've always wanted.

Enjoy all this . . .

5 Booty-blasting workouts
BUM BUM: Leandro's signature workout (named after the Brazilian slang for "butt" and pronounced "boom-boom") combines fat-blasting cardio with the best lower-body sculpting moves you've ever tried. (35 min.)
HIGH & TIGHT: Focus on all those stubborn trouble zones: the hips, glutes, and saddlebags. Leandro uses his secret weapons—the Booty Resistance Band and ankle weights—to lift your butt to new heights. (35 min.)
SCULPT: In this video, Leandro takes you through a total-body workout with a sexy Brazilian twist, to sculpt your entire body while focusing on your glutes. Look like a sexy supermodel—lean and toned, without the bulk. (50 min.)
CARDIO AXE: Feel like you're dancing in the streets of Brazil with Leandro's signature axe (pronounced "ah-shay"), a fat-burning, cardio-blasting, dance-based workout that delivers all-over slimming results fast. (30 min.)
TUMMY TUCK: Leandro's surefire way to get flat, sexy abs in just 15 minutes. (15 min.)
Tools to help you shape your booty

This booklet includes the Booty Blueprint to help you determine your current shape and the Booty Makeover Calendars customized to your particular shape so you know which workout program to follow to achieve your desired shape.

This easy-to-follow meal plan was created by a nutritionist and is filled with mouth-watering, Brazilian-inspired recipes that will help you slim down without sacrificing flavor.

In this introductory video, Leandro shares his TriAngle Training secret, signature moves, and tips on proper form to help you get the most out of the program.

These cards contain step-by-step instructions on Leandro's signature moves. Take them with you to create your own workout-on-the-go.

Watch the inches melt away as your entire body transforms.

See if you pass the pencil test before you start the program. Test again every 30 days, and watch your butt lift.

Plus, added bonuses

Jumpstart your booty transformation with the same 6-day SlimDown plan used by Leandro's supermodel clients before a photo shoot.

This latex band, Leandro's secret weapon, gives an extra boost of lower-body resistance to sculpt those hard-to-reach areas. It will bring you even faster results.

This extra bonus workout is the express version of Leandro's signature workout, "Bum Bum," for when you're short on time.

Contact me at or visit my site and sign up for FREE Http://

Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Figure Transformation Video Update

Figure Transformation
4th Week Update.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Weigh-In Update

Saturday was my first weigh-in. I had ate perfectly all week and even brough egg whites and veggies to my in laws house as my dinner for Thanksgiving... I was not going to cheat with it being so close to my weigh-in day.
Saturday morning I show up to the gym and jump on the scale... 153lbs. No biggie! I've been doing so good and taking such great care of myself that it didn't bother me to not see my weight at 150. As far as measurements, I lost inches in my chest, butt and waist so I'm super thrilled! :)
Before starting this journey, I didn't look at myself as an "overweight" girl. Yes I do have that little "pudge" on my tummy that I thought I would always have because of my pregnancies, but other than that, I wasn't too hard on myself.
Now that I'm training for a whole new transformation and I see this "pudge" dissolving, my committment has gone up 120% and I'm ROCK'N THIS!!!!
My next goal, is to lose 6lbs in 3 weeks. We're getting closer to my 12 week mark, and I've gotta be in the 140's.
CHEERS!!!! This is an amazing and FUNN journey!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

1st Weigh In!

Earlier this week, Chris (my trainer) announced to me that there will be a "weigh in" this week! Saturday to be exact!!
As soon as I heard that, I got a little nervous because even though I have eating right and doing my 20 minute max interval cardio every day, I knew that my inches were showing progress more so than my weight.
So through my entire workout, all I could do was think about that dang weigh in! Hahaha.
Before I left the gym, Chris shouted out, "Malynda! 150 by Saturday!"... 3 weeks ago when I did my consultation, I weighed 156lbs. I was thinking, "sure, I know I can be at 154, but 150!!!" I knew he wouldn't believe me that I was at home eating PERFECT if I didn't weigh in at 150. It was kinda a bummer feeling.
After my workout I went home, ate breakfast and jumped on the scale... 157!!! Yes!! Between 157 and 158!!! I was devastated!!
I kept my diet clean and simple (even on Thanksgiving) and this morning (being Friday, the day before the weigh in) I weigh 153-154.
Now mind you, at the beginning of the week when I weighed myself on MY scale... Was convinced that my scale was wrong and went over to my sis in laws house and weighed myself again. I weighed 155.8 on her scale... MUCH better than 157-158 ;)
I'm feeling very confident!! This morning's weigh in was 153-154 and we already know my scale weighs me a couple pounds heavier, SOOO.... I just may weigh in at 150 in the morning!!!!!!!!
We'll see!!!
Update tomorrow!! :))

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Low on Energy!

The past couple of days have been really difficult for me. I'm usually a very high energy person, but am lacking energy and feeling sleep deprived MAJORLY!!
Here's my daily scenario:
I wake up at 5:20am Monday-Friday. I'm at the gym by 5:35am to do either an hour of intense cardio or 45 minutes of weight training. I drink 1/2 scoop protein with 1 tsp BCAA (amino acids) and eat 1/4 cup oatmeal before going to the gym. After the gym I eat 1/4 cup of oats (usually just sprinkled in my protein shake), I drink 1 scoop protein and another tsp BCAA. Afterwards I eat every 2.5 hours. But about 30-45 minutes after breakfast, I feel rediculously tired! So I lay down (thinking I'll lay down for 15 minutes) and I end up falling into a deep sleep for TWO HOURS!! Lol! So when I wake up, I am so hungry and I eat 4 egg whites and 1/4 cup oats. I eat every couple hours, but am just so dang tired. I have motivation, if I was asked to go on a run, or to the gym for weight training, I would have no problem doing it... Maybe it's me being in the house and "bored" that makes me tired... I don't know. I miss my RAW, that's for sure.
I'll get it figured out :) I'm in week 3 going on week 4 of my training... I'm guessing my body is just doing A LOT of adjusting.
Alright... NAP TIME!!! ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Green Smoothies (My way)

I love making smoothies... and even more so, I love making GREEN smoothies! My husband loves it when I make them and so do my girls (4 years old and 2 years old). Sometimes vegetables aren't the easiest to get into your familie's diet, but if blended and disguised... well then it's a piece of cake!! ;)

I have had some requests to share my recipes with the Green Smoothies that I have been making... And of course, I would LOVE to share!

When I make Green Smoothies, I like to keep them simple, yet nutritious.

I choose from green leafy veggies such as kale, collard greens, or veggies like celery, cucumber, apple or carrots... all depending on what I'm wanting that day.

I add a couple cups of water to the blender and my veggies that I choose.

I blend the veggies and water so that the veggies are liquidfied.

Once the contents in the blender are liquidfied, I add frozen fruit, Vega EFA Oil, Hemp Seeds and anything else that I may want in my smoothie. Then I blend the remaining ingredients, poor the smoothie into a glass and enjoy!

It's simple, it's fun, and it's a great way to get alot of well needed nutrients in your body.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My day to day meal plan (as of now)

The past two weeks I have been eating much differently than what I am use to. But in all honesty, I'm not minding it.
Now I haven't been 100% for two weeks, but I am adjusting and am getting better.
Pre workout:
1/2 scoop Whey Protein Shake and 1/4 cup Oatmeal.
Post workout:
1/2 scoop - 3/4 scoop Whey Protein Shake, 1/2 cup Oatmeal and 4 Egg whites. The egg whites are not bothering me at all since I'm buying Organic Cage Free Eggs.
So anyway, I eat every 2.5 to 3 hours.
1 scoop Whey.
Brown Rice and 1/2-1 can Tuna.
1 scoop Whey or handful almonds.
Meal 3:
Veggies and Salmon
Large Salad
Dessert: Lean Dessert Chocolate Coconut Shake

I'm starting to notice the inches coming off. I made a green smoothie and told my trainer about it, I was so excited about it... But my trainer told me, when it comes to our last 12 weeks of training, there will be NO smoothies! Only solid food. It bummed me a little, but I really want this and I really want to do my best.

So there it is! What I've been eating (pretty much).

I'll be getting more of a "set" meal plan from my trainer next week.

Love everyones support!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Year's Challenge and New Goal for... ME!

Everyone on the Fit N' Fabulous New Year's Challenge is doing a GREAT job!! I am so very proud of all of you!!! One month down... less then two more to go :)
Hang in there!! Only three more weeks of Insanity AND ChaLEAN Extreme together... then it's all about CE only! Just stay focused on what you want! Remember what your goals are... write them out again. Stay on top of what it is you are wanting the outcome of this challenge to be.

I'm here for each and every one of you! Email me and stay in touch so that we can get through the last 52 days together :)

So here's my anouncement!! My goal has always been to get into tip top shape and share with others the importance of doing so. My goal is to enter in the Female Natural Fitness Show March 13th, 2010. My goal is to make 1st place in this show! With pure dedication, motivation and desire to want to walk on stage and show everyone what I've worked so hard for will get me to the top... there's no doubt about it!!
My training starts tomorrow. I will be training for the next 19-20 weeks. I'm so excited and ready to bring it!!!
I'll be sharing my progress with all of you!! My transformation story, I hope, will motivate and encourage others to want to take better care of their bodies as well.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 Foods People Eat On A Regular Basis

Ok, so I'm reading "You Are What You Eat" by Dr. Gillian McKeith and even though I've read this book in the past, I still find it very informative and learn something new EVERY time I open its cover.
Here is a piece of the book that I wanted to share with all of you!
10 Foods People Eat On A Regular Basis:
1. Burger Meal
2. Pizza
3. Spaghetti
4. Sweet 'n' Sour Pork with special Fried Rice (Chinese Takeout)
5. Hot Breakfast
6. Steak Dinner
7. Nachos
8. Ice Cream
9. Chocolate Chip Cookies
10. Hot Dog Meal

This top 10 list of popular foods that many people eat on a regular basis may at first glance not appear too alarming, but just take a look at the nutritional analysis below. I have converted the statistics to teaspoons of sugar and sticks of butter to drum the facts home. Do you really still feel hungry?

Burger Meal (large burger, fries and cola)
-calories: 1300
-protein: 34g
-carbs: 189g
-fat: 44g
-fiber: 13g
-equivelant to 38 teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 of a stick of butter.

Pizza (medium deep pan pizza)
-calories: 1746
-protein: 80g
-carbs: 159g
-fat: 88g
-fiber: 8g
-equivelant to 31 teaspoons of sugar and a stick of butter.

Spaghetti (300g serving)
-calories: 237
-carbs: 32g
-fat: 5.7g
-fiber: 3g
-equivelant to 6 teaspoons of sugar.

Chinese Takeout
-calories: 520
-protein: 58g
-carbs: 77g
-fat: 65.4g
-fiber: 2g
-equivelant to 15 teaspoons of sugar and 3/4 of a stick of butter.

Steak Dinner (8oz sirloin and baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives)
-carbs: 60g
-fat: 51.6g
-fiber: 0g
-equivelant to 12 teaspoons of sugar and 3/5 of a stick of butter.

Nachos (6 nacho chips smothered in cheese with chili, sour cream and quacomole)
-calories: 674
-protein: 29g
-carbs: 42g
-fat: 44g
-fiber: 2.5g
-equivalant to 8 teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 of a stick of butter.

Ice Cream (chocolate with chunks of brownies and walnut)
-calories: 436
-protein: 7.5g
-carbs: 37.6g
-fat: 28.6g
-fiber: 0g
-equivelant to 7 1/2 teaspoons of sugar and 1/3 of a stick of butter.

Chocolate chip cookies (8)
-calories: 636
-protein: 7.6g
-carbs: 76g
-fat: 33g
-fiber: 4.4g
-equivelant to 15 teaspoons of sugar and nearly 3/8 of a stick of butter.

Hot Dog Meal (1 hot dog on a bun with ketchup, large fries and a coke)
-calories: 1103
-protein: 18g
-carbs: 175g
-fiber: 8g
-equivelant to 35 teaspoons of sugar and 2/5 of a stick of butter.

Start to add in the between-meal snacks, drinks, alcohol and not enough exercise and you become a ticking bomb of potential heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, digestive tract problems. Choose your poison - or as I hope, don't!

Be thankful for the knowledge of health and nutrition, use it and change your life.

Coach Malynda

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Top Tip - Skin Brushing

To improve the skin's job of getting rid of internal garbage (over one pound of waste products are excreted through the skin every day), you can help it in its task by regular body brushing. To skin brush effectively, you need a small, firm natural bristle brush.
Brushing is best undertaken just before you bath or shower on a dry body.
Method: Start at the soles of the feet and work your way up the legs in long, brisk strokes; then up the arms and down the back. Always brush UPward toward the chest and avoid sensitive spots such as moles, warts and broken veins. Never use the brush on your face.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fit N' Fabulous New Year's Challenge (Day 6)

So! Before I start talking about the Challenge... I have to share with all of you readers, that I am officially Turbo Kick Certified!!!! I received my certificate in the mail yesterday!! I am so fired up!! Teaching fitness to others is all I want to do... and this has really opened some doors for me :))

Today is already day SIX of our 90 day challenge!! I'm having so much fun with the two programs... ChaLEAN Extreme and Insanity. This week I have been doing my workouts one on top of another. I do ChaLEAN Extreme, have a P90X Recovery Drink, load up on my water and then dig deep right into Insanity. Afer Insanity, I indulge in a protein shake, either Shakeology or Vega in both I add Hemp Protein.
I haven't had to "up" my calories quite yet... but I am making sure that I'm eating EVERY 2-2.5 hours. I'm pretty hungry when that 2 hour mark rolls around.
An average day pretty much looks like this:
P90X Recovery Formula
Protein Shake
Oatmeal (with peanut butter), Morning Star "bacon"
Boca Burger and Brown Rice
Protein Shake
A big salad with LOTS of veggies

My shakes are 32 oz, they're BIG! So they fill me up! I know that I will have to add calories soon... I don't want to be working out really hard and not fueling my body properly. So in the Insanity Elite Nutrition Booklet, there are a few options that you can add to your meals to add "good" calories.
100 Calorie Example:
- 1 banana
- 12 Raw Almonds
200 Calorie Example:
-1/2 cup oatmeal topped with slivered almonds
-1 banana with 1 tbsp peanut butter
-1 large navel orange with 12 Raw almonds

This is just a few of the choices, there's plenty more.

All in all I'm feeling pretty good!! This is a GREAT challenge and will leave the people who are doing it with FABULOUS SEXY Bodies!!!

Keep Pushing PLAY!!! If you're wanting one-on-one support and motivation, sign up on my site as a FREE member and allow me to Coach you to success!!

1. What's the craziest exercise fad you have heard about lately?

*FitFlops are being advertised to tone the thighs, calves and glutes.
*A "micro-wobble board" is a mini balancing board on the shoe, which creates stability for the wearer. It supposedly works the thighs, calves and glutes.

2. What are other CRAZY fads from the past?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be Accountable

We talk about losing weight, eating right and fitting into those "skinny" jeans that have been in the drawer now for wo years!! We spend the holidays splurging on cake feasts, carbs and sweet beverages... Then come January 1st, we tell ourselves we're gonna join the gym and start the new year with a BANG!!! The only problem is, we lose our motivation and quit the gym only two weeks into the new year. Why? Why do we cut ourselves short? Why not when we say we're gonna do something, we DO IT! Especially when it comes to good health and taking care of ourselves.
You know why? Because we don't hold ourselves accountable. We assume the results won't come, we're tired of watching our calories, getting up early in the morning to workout and "depriving" ourselves of sweet treats!!
If we could get it in our head that food is to supply our bodies with energy and nutrients and is not to be recognized as a "fix" or a "treat"... Then maybe we would eat to better our health rather than destroy it.
Set goals. Write them out. Have 30, 60 and 90 day goals. Write them on your calendar, post them on fun post it notes that are colorful and put them on your vanity mirror, on you bedside dressor, on your desk, on the fridge, in the car on the dash... Make sure you are constantly being reminded of the goals you are looking forward to acheiving.
Hold yourself accountable. I like to send my food journals to my best friend every night and the workout I did for the day so that she can look at it and so that through out my day, I make better choices with my meals because I know I will have to admit to her what I ate. It works for me. Also, I like to fill my husband in on what my goals are, that way when we're fixing our meals together, he helps me stay focused on the plan at hand :)
And even better, my husband becomes my workout buddy because he's there to support and encourage me.
Don't set your goals too far out of reach. Make them reasonable. The goals that need a little more time to accomplish, set them 90 days out... The quicker acheiving goals, set them for your 30 day goals :)
Working out, being fit and eating right is FUN!! It makes you feel WONDERFUL!!! It gives you confidence and an inner beauty that shines on to everyone around you.
Walk the walk... Don't just talk the talk! Be the example.
Jump on board the New Years Challenge with me!


Chatter BOX
Random Fun Stuff
Subject: Calories
*Melting and ice cube in your mouth burns 2.3 calories.
*You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV
*A karaoke singing of "WE ARE THE WORLD" burns 20.7 calories.
*You burn 26 calories with a one-minute kiss.

Friday, September 4, 2009

on another note... staying VEGAN!

The last month I have switched my diet from 100% Vegan to Vegetarian. I have been consuming egg-whites, tuna, whey protein and mahi mahi. The change has really made me feel bloated, unhappy with my meal plans and confused. I chose to change my diet based on what another personal trainer had advised me to do.going in to this new diet wasn't "hard" for me... Surprisingly. But after eating this way for a few weeks and seeing the negative change on my body and performance level, I know being strictly Vegan is the optimal diet for me!!
I'm proud to be Vegan and want to end the year with my New Years Challenge being 100% Vegan. I feel I have some learning to do as far as weight training and Veganism, but this is something I'm ready to do :))
I'm more than enthusiastic with my decision and am starting Vegan TODAY!!!
I'll be adding more posts with my high impact weight training vegan diet to share what I know and what I've learned!!!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preparing for the Challenge

We have plenty of time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenge. Have these on hand NOW and you won't be trying to gather everything last minute ;)

* Go to and print off the "60-Day Journal" sheet then take it to Kinkos and make 90 copies. This is your meal tracker for the challenge.

* If you're not already, sign up as a Club Member at to get recipe ideas, meal plans and your copy of the ChaLEAN Extreme Worksheets.

* Copy this Fit Test and make 5 copies (You will be doing 5 Fit Tests total in your first 60 days):

* Switch Kicks
* Power Jacks
* Power Knees
* Power Jumps
* Globe Jumps
* Suicide Jumps
* Push-up Jacks
* Low Plank Oblique

Get to know the Elite Nutrition Guide that comes with Insanity so that you have a great idea on how your meals should be prepared. The nutrition plan is just as important as the workout program, you can't do one without the other!!


New Year Challenge CALENDAR!

We're a month a way from starting the last challenge of the Year!! Fit~N~Fabulous New Year!!
This challenge has me so excited... I can't wait!
I have for all of you the calendar for our 90-day challenge, I need to gather all of your email addresses so that I can email it out to you.

So please leave a comment on this post with your email address!

Thank you!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fit~N~Fabulous in a Little Black Dress

My Little Black Dress! Sooo Fabulous!

It's time for a new challenge! Summer time is coming to an end and holidays are approaching. Going in to the holiday season with a sexy lean body will set you up for great converstation, ("Girl you look Fabulous!"... "How did you do it?"... "Please share your secret!") ;) he he... and will keep those gorgeous dresses and sassy tops looking better than ever before!
Challenge ONE! Fit~N~Fabulous in a Little Black Dress!!
I came up with this challenge while working out with my little sister the other day. We both have our birthdays in October (October 21st and the 22nd) and we both thought how great it would be to go out on our birthdays and wear a sexy little black dress to show off our hard work!
Exercising every day, eating right and never giving up!
So! The challenge is... get your hot ass in a little black dress by October 22nd and celebrate my birthday with me!!! And of course, do it for yourself!!!
Challenge TWO! Fit~N~Fabulous New Year Party!!
Come October 1st, we will be doing Insanity and ChaLEAN Extreme!! The two programs go hand in hand. ChaLEAN Extreme is all about lifting heavy and getting lean and toned, while Insanity is all about Pure Cardio! Talk about getting the Ultimate Sexy Package!! You will get it with this challenge!! ChaLEAN Extreme is a 90-day program, and Insanity is a 60-day program... so we'll be starting the challenge out with the first 60- days of Extreme Insanity, and then on the last 30-days, we'll end it with the Lean phase of ChaLEAN Extreme and bring it home!! We'll all be Tight and HOT for our New Year's Party!!! No better way to kick off the New Year then with a FABULOUS Body to show off!!!
You can get Insanity and ChaLEAN Extreme on my SITE. (Click here!)
For the first challenge, we're staying dedicated to the programs that we all are currently on, unless you're not on a program then go to my site: and pick out a program that will work for you! Note! The Slim Series is a 6-week program that is guaranteed to get you in to tip top shape :)
Anyone that signs up on my page will also have the pleasure of having me as their own personal Coach! You can participate as a FREE member or as a Club Member where you will have access to recipes, a BMI Calculator, Trainer's Tips and so much more!
I want to see all of you Challenger's working out in WOWY as well!! It's FREE and it's a great way to track your progress, meet others that are doing the Challenge and keep motivated!!
If there are any questions about signing up and having me Coach you on your Challenge, then simply email me at
Cheers to great Health and a FABULOUS Body!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

P90X - Week 5

This is my fifth week of P90X! Second phase! I am feeling great!! I notice a difference in my leg and arm strength... And even better, in my abdominal strength!! I am getting so much better at Ab Ripper, its amazing :)
Tomorrow I have Chest, Triceps and Biceps along with Ab Ripper! I am so excited as this is probably my favorite workout! My goal is to curl 15lbs and use 10lbs for my triceps :) I got my hand gloves at the sports store the other day so I'm hoping they help with gripping the weights.
My weight has stayed the same since startting the program, and has actually gone UP a few times and then back down to where I started... No worries! I'm gaining muscle so I don't mind. I didn't take my measurements on day 30, so on day 60, we'll see where I stand ;)
I went back to eating Raw as of Monday, I'm feeling GREAT! My goal is to be 100% for the week. Already I'm experiencing insomnia! Hahaha... And my energy levels are sky rocketing!
I wanted to eat Raw because since I have made the decision to add egg-whites to my diet and whey protein powder, I've been feeling sluggish. I want to give my body a "detox" and re-boost my antioxidant levels :) so Raw it is!
I'm having FUN! I'm pushing PLAY and I'm loving LIFE!!!

Who else is doing P90X with me? Let me know your favorite P90X workout and WHY and you will be entered in to a drawing to win a FREE P90X Protein Bar!

Wanna know more about BB programs or are interested in Coaching? Check it all out here:


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Roselyn Sanchez Gets in Shape with P90X

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

P90X Week 4 Video

Just completed week 3 of P90X and now I'm going into the 4th week which is a REST week. Two days of Yoga, Kenpo, Cardio, Core Synergistics and two rest days (stretch).

Day 21 Video HERE

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

P90X Day 14 Pics

Day 14 P90X Pics!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Future TBB Coaches ;)

It's never too early to start your kids off learning the importance of health and fitness. My girls think of "working out" as something that is FUN! They ask to workout and they're constantly asking me if particular foods are good for their bodies. They know that with strong and healthy bodies, we will all live longer and happier.
Never make working out as a CHORE. Do it to better yourself.


Watch the Video HERE!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Started P90X

Hi everyone!!!
Today is day 3 of the P90X Challenge!! This morning I did Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X. I felt soo good doing the entire workout :) I woke up at 3:50am and thought "let's get it done." It was all I could think about, I couldn't go back to sleep even if I tried! So I got up and BROUGHT IT!!! I was all over this workout ;))
Tomorrow is Yoga X. I can't wait. 90-minutes of intense yoga :))

As far as eating gos, I have really been focusing on consuming alot of protein. I've been working out hard and know how important it is to fuel your body with the amino acids :)
So far so good. I have also been taking a nap almost everyday! Ha! No joke. Getting up at 4am every day catches up to me around 1pm, so I lay down with my girls and snooze for 2-3 hours :) I LOVE it!!

Tonight I for dinner I had Couscous, Mixed Veggies and 1 1/2 vegan flame grilled patties. So YUM!!

Although I have ate Vegan tonight, I have changed my diet a little. I have been consuming egg-whites and whey protein and am totally fine with it. Friends have told me about cartoned egg-whites but am just not liking that idea. I like to see on the carton "Organic cage-free eggs."

I bought some Vega Protein Powder today at Sprouts and had a glass of it for snack... it wasn't bad... needs some fruit added to it though, so I think I'll make it as a smoothie instead ;)
OH!!!! Brendan Brazier will be at my Sprouts on July 11th at 11 o'clock!!! I can't believe it!! I'm reading his Thrive book right now :))

Well everyone, Hope you all have a FABULOUS holiday weekend!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Latest Vid (Countdown P90X!)

Here is the latest video everyone!!

Hope you enjoy it. Please rate and comment so that I know where to improve :))

Countdown P90X!!!! Video

P90X Challenge starts THIS wednesday!! July 1st! Let's Bring It together!!

If you're needing the program, here is the link to order it from:

It's never too late to join!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

P90X supplements, New Vid and still RAW!

Hello all!!
Forgive me for taking my time on posting. Lately I have been so super busy. I thought summer time was gonna slow down a bit, but it has proved me wrong. Between keeping my kids active (swim lessons, going to the parks, art camp, weekly movies, camping and so much more) and me building my TBB business... I have become a work-a-holic!! ha ha ha... not to mention, I have been working out EVERY day at 5am to prep my body for the P90X challenge starting July 1st.

I'm so excited about starting my challenge. I just recieved the P90X multivitamin supplements, P90X Recovery Formula and some more Chocolate Shakeology ;))
I'm feeling more ready with each day that passes.

I made a new video today, sharing the products. You can watch it HERE

I'm still doing the Raw Challenge. Can't say that I have been 100% from when I ended my last one until 2 days ago... I was eating HIGH Raw in that time. But have encouraged a few ladies to do a mini 7-day raw food challenge with me and we all started yesterday. It has been so much fun!! We're doing it in 7 day increments. After these 7 days if anyone is wanting to do another 7 days, then we share with one another and go about another 7 days of 100% Raw. :))

I have a lady that lost 3 pounds in since yesterday!!!!! She is getting married in August and was so extatic when she got on the scale today!! I'm sooo happy for her!!!

I feel great as well!!! I have a TON of energy which is keeping me going through all this crazyness ;)) he he he...

The BeachBody site has a new site, check it out:


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

14 day Raw challenge completed!!

Woo hoo!!!! I'm so proud of myself!!! 14 days of Raw food!!! I feel so wonderful!
So good that I'm challenging myself to ANOTHER 14 days!!
Yep! I can do it!! I know I can :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Oh wow!!!! Holy crap!!! I'm not even kidding!!!
Listen to this!!! I decided to join a Bootcamp class with my sister in law just for fun and to give us something to do together, and let me tell you!! This morning was our first class and I about DIED!!!! No joke ;)
I went in to this class thinking that I was READY for BOOTCAMP! I did ChaLEAN Extreme!! Come on!! The moves weren't bad, I was fine doing a hundred squats, a hundred plie squats, a hundred lunges, I lifted weights, did push ups... All of it!!! What got me was, I can't BREATH!!!! I can't freak'n breath!! Hahahaha... It's so true. This is why I have never been a runner. I can seem to coordinate my breathing with intense cardio. However, I do well with kickboxing and vigorous dancing... Maybe it's because I don't think about it, it just flows with me. I did really well with the CE program, but then I think about it, and there's very LITTLE cardio.
So want to hear my plan!! I have got to UP my cardio game if I want to be ready for P90X! P90X is very high intensity and in the Lean Plane (which is the plan I have chosen to follow), it is ALL cardio!!! Hahaha... So how do I prep??
For one, I'm sticking to this Bootcamp class every tuesday and thursday at 5:45am until it is over (end of July) PLUS I'm gonna have to add a cardio program for here at the house. I have chosen to do Turbo Jam. I know I sweat good to that program, its high impact and I truly feel that by doing the two, I'll be a success for P90X.
It's goodbye CE Lean and hello Turbo Jam and Bootcamp!!!

WOW!! Hehehe...

Oh!! And today, day 13 of my 14 Day Raw food challenge!!!! Woo hoo!!! I'm Bad-A!! Hehe :))

Have a great day everyone!!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 10 Raw

Oh man!!!! I feel so great!!! I'm laying in bed right now writing this post and not even the least bit tired. It's 1am in the morning... Actually my 11th day ;) hehe...
This is gonna sound silly, but I wake up in the mornings feeling sexy and THIN!!!
I feel like all eyes are on ME! It's true! I notice the biggest of changes with my body since going Raw. My waist is smaller, my tummy is flatter and I have this high energy glow about me! It feels wonderful!!!!
I don't crave cooked food in the least. I want Raw in my body. I CRAVE the benefits of Raw food.
I'm feeling so good :))


Saturday, May 30, 2009

P90X Challenge! Starting July 1st

Ok!! One more month of Lean phase with ChaLean Extreme and then it's P90X time baby!!
Yep, come July 1st, it'll be time to BRING IT!!
P90X is a 90 day program. There are 3 different plans to choose from to follow- The Classic Plan, The Double Plan and the Lean Plan.
I'm going to be following the Lean Plan because it's alot more cardio. I like the cardio :)

So here's some info on the program and the workouts that are included:

Get absolutely ripped in just 90 days with P90X!

P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days.

As a Club Member, you'll also receive a 3-phase nutrition plan, supplement options, a detailed fitness guide, a calendar to track your progress, online peer support, and much more. You won't believe your results!

Why is P90X so effective?
The secret behind the P90X system is an advanced training technique called "Muscle Confusion," which accelerates results by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus, and you never get bored! Whether you want to get lean, bulk up, or just plain get ripped, there's an endless variety of ways to mix and match the routines to keep you motivated.

The P90X system includes:

3 Guides to get you started!

P90X 3-Phase Nutrition Plan
P90X Fitness Guide
"How to Bring It" video
12 highly intense workouts

Chest & Back
Shoulders & Arms
Yoga X
Legs & Back
Kenpo X
X Stretch
Core Synergistics
Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Back & Biceps
Cardio X
Ab Ripper X

Want the program and would like to join me in the challenge? Order here and sign up as a Club Member :)

It's gonna be GREAT!!!
I have updated YouTube with two new vids yesterday :)
Check them out!
*Prepping for the P90X Challenge
*14 day Raw food challenge in prep for P90X

In need of a Coach?
Become a Club Member here! And I will Coach you to success!!

Raw Suaerkraut (day 7)

My sweet two year old daughter enjoying Raw Sauerkraut :)

She didn't want to stop! He he he...

So this last Thursday was day 7 for me being 100% RAW!!! Woo hoo!!!!! I have lost 2 pounds and 2 inches!! I'm way excited!!
Also on Thursday, I had my Best Friend (Kristen Suzanne of Kristen's Raw) come over to hang out with me for a bit. She's always great about bringing me fun little thoughtful gifts and Vegan treats, but this time she came over with some of her homemade RAW Sauerkraut and some Raw Holiday Chia Pudding... she's always there to support me in everything that I'm doing. Since I'm on a Raw Challenge right now, she was so super kind and brought Raw snacks! What a great BF right! He he...

So without me going into the details of making the Raw Sauerkraut, I do want to share that it was PHENOMINAL!!!! I took a whiff of it and it smelt just like what I had remembered, ya know, that pickley smell ;) he he...
So I took my first bite and was AMAZED with the taste! It was just incredible. Words can't describe it. My two year old tried it and loved it as well!! It was the funniest thing, she was wanting to eat it all... I had to tell her to "back off kid!" Lol ;)) No, I shared.

So Kristen and I watched a great movie that was a documentary on the lifestyle of Storm and Jinjee Talifero. They're a Raw couple that raise their 4 kids 100% Raw/Vegan. It's a great film.

As we're sitting there watching, all you see is a ton of Raw treats and fresh fruits in the backround... I was getting hungry. So I went to the fridge and opened up the glass jar filled with Kristen's Raw Holiday Chia Pudding... took a bite and couldn't stop!!! I was sooo happy that the girls were laying down for a nap! Heaven forbid if I had to SHARE!! Lol ;))

It was a great day and a wonderful day 7 of my challenge.
I'll tell you what, it sure is easy to live a Raw lifestyle when your BF is a Raw inspiration :)

There's links to everything that is highlighted in this post.. just CLICK on the highlights!

Cheers to Raw!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Counting Cals??? Not today!!! ;)

Ok!! So today started out pretty dang good... As u can see from my earlier post. I was feeling good, feeling empowered! Feeling like "I can do this!"
Well let me first share with you my attempt to count my calories today. I set my max cal count at 1300... And if needed, I will up my count as neccessary.
So here we go:
Breakfast: smoothie (480!)
Snack: Guac (100)
Lunch: 6 baby carrots (35) Guac (100) and 10 Olives (50)

I know the Olives aren't Raw... But I was sooo bummed when I went in the fridge and my spring mix lettuce was bad :( I was really wanting to make a yummy salad for lunch.

So like my intake looks really silly, right! Hahaha... But here's where it gets UGLY!! Lol!

So here I have about 805 calories accumulated. 495 cals remaining.

Something gos on during the day that gets be upset and feeling a little down... I go on an EATING BINGE!!! Lol. All Raw... But way out of my cal count for the day.
After lunch, I had not one serving of Guac, not two servings, but THREE servings of guac!!! Some carrots, a banana, and some pineapple!
I was a mad house!

I prepare dinner for the fam... Telling myself, "you're cut off girl!" And ended up having some diced tomatoes. Yeah! Idk... I went crazy! Lol.

So day one of COUNTING Cals... No bueno!! Hehehehe...

Tomorrow I have committed to a watermelon detox :) I have a whole seedless watermelon sitting on my counter that can't be cut into yet because I don't have any room in my fridge to store it. So tomorrow, I'm gonna EAT it! Is an entire watermelon too much in one day ;)

Spouse support :)

I woke up this morning feeling pretty!! Yes, pretty! My hubby was getting ready for work and was standing over the bed smiling at me :) when I opened my eyes he told me that I was pretty...aawww!! What a way to start out my day.
As I made breakfast (smoothies) my husband then told me that I looked THINNER today!! Double-Happy-Day!! Hehe...
Today is my 5th day on my Raw challenge and I'll tell u what, if I didn't have the support of my fantastic husband, this challenge would be extremely hard for me. But he is so great at encouraging me and motivating me to keep going :)
Spouse support, friend support and family support are all very important when embarking on a new journey. I have to say, I'm super lucky to have the friends I have and the super duper great husband that I have :))


Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 4 RAW... inches lost?

Hello!!! :))

So today is day 4 of my 14 day Raw food challenge :) I wake up in the mornings feeling so refreshed and ready to go. The girls and I make breakfast together, watch a little bit of cartoons and then go about our day. It's so much fun! Yesterday we took our girls to see the new movie, "monsters vs aliens." It was a blast!! After the movie we went to the gelato cafe for some AMAZING soy ice cream!! And YES! I had a couple bites... Not a lot, but yes, a couple ;)
It's been fun. I'm enjoying this Raw challenge.
Today I woke up and weighed myself and guess what??? Not ONE pound lost!! Yeah!! Seriously!!!
BUT!!! I do believe I have lost an inch or two. As I got ready for the day and put on my jeans, I noticed that the jeans went "right up." My husband even made a comment that "I looked thinner" today. Thanks babe!! :)

So anyway, here is my intake for day 4:
Breakfast: smoothie
Dinner: smoothie

My intake was small today because I was out of the house litterally ALL day. I know!! Kristen told me to plan ahead and take food with me, but I honestly didn't think I would be gone as long as I was.
I never felt like I was over hungry, but when I got home, boy was I ready to eat. And since I'm feeling I need to CUT DOWN in the guac ;) I enjoyed a smoothie rather then my "usual." Hehe ;)

So that was day 4.

Tomorrow I'm counting calories. I gotta know where I stand and why I'm not losing weight.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

RAW Day 2

Today is day two of my 14 day Raw food challenge. So far, 100%. :)
I felt really good today. A LOT of energy and just in an all around great mood :)

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Smoothie
Snack: carrots and guac! (Hehe)
Lunch: a bowl of sliced bananas sprinkled with hemp seeds (so yum!)
Snack: carrots
Dinner: a large bowl of organic spring mix lettuce with diced tomato, onion and green peppers with GUACAMOLE!!!

Hahaha!!! Alright! Alright! I said I was gonna cut back, but I chose not to use a salad dressing and it's place, I used avocado :)
It was a GOOD salad :)

I feel really good. I made breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family and never once wanted a bite of their cooked food... Not that's progress!!

I feel good! :)

Tonight's workout: Lean Circuit 2

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day one 100% Raw

Today was day one of my 14 day Raw challenge :) it was a GREAT day. I never felt "hungry" today, but maybe it was because I ate every few hours. One thing I did experience was a massive headache towards the evening :( it was a killer too!
Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast: Smoothie. Banana and strawberries with Vega EFA Oil.
Snack: carrots and guac.
Lunch: Smoothie. Mixed berries.
Snack: carrots and guac. (Hehe)
Dinner: a bowl of guac with sliced tomatoes and onions.

Oh yeah!! I should probably note, that I LOVE avocado!!! So I tend to get carried away. It just sounded sooo good today! I'll try to take it easy from here on out... Not so much in ONE day, hehe :)

So that was my intake for the day. I felt that it was all plenty of food... Maybe because avocados are so filling.

I already know Kristen is laughing at me while reading this. Hahaha!! Because she KNOWS how bad I've got it for avocados!! Lol! ;)

Anyway, I had a headache, then ate dinner and now it's gone. So we'll see how it gos the rest of the night. I only plan on drinking some water until bed.

Tonights workout: Lean Circuit 1

Please help me welcome Steph Timms

As you all know, I am a TBB Fitness Coach. I take alot of pride in helping others get fit and in shape :) As part of my Coaching program, I also help others with the same passion in health and fitness to be a part of the team and Coach as I do.

Yesterday evening, Steph Timms signed up as my newest Coach! She is an inspiration to alot of people. She lives a Vegan lifestyle and is currently taking part in a RAW food journey. She has just completed 14 days of 100% Raw living and has lost 10 pounds in TWO weeks!! Whoa!! :))

We share common interests and are now sharing the excitement to Coach others.

So please give love and great support to my new Coach... Steph Timms!!

Steph Timms is also on FaceBook (just Click!)


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going Raw... New inspiration!

Well yay!! I'm all moved into my new home, I have my exercise programs all set out and am ready to get my booty in gear!! Like I had mentioned in prior posts, I'm finishing the month of May with the Lean Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme... but in an effort to prepare myself for P90X (which will be starting July 1st) I am also doing the Lean phase the entire month of June as well.
Alot of LEANING going on! He he...
I went for a run tonight that was really nice. It was overcast, a little breezy and just nice to be out of the house and burning some calories :)

My energy the past two days have been pretty high. After coming off of the MC, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to gain the weight I lost, back.
I had Kristen (from Kristen's RAW of course!) come over and hang out with me for the day. I mean, what are great friends for? Right!! He he.. Having her around and having her excitement and motivation in the air I breath, makes me want to never go back to bad eating habits again. She makes me understand the value of good eating. Being around her and watching her with her food choices makes me want to stay committed and eat more RAW. I mean so many benefits come with eating RAW, Kristen's skin glows! Yeah!! Her hair is thick and shiny... it's absolutely gorgeous. Her complexion is one of a young beauty. The entire day I spent with her, I was just in AWE!
She is truly an inspiration to go RAW!

So I was hanging out with my best friend and loving her every detail, inspired on going RAW.

There is a young lady (Steph Timms) who is following my blog and is someone that I have much in common with. She's super sweet and is too, into eating more RAW. She just recently went on a 14 day RAW feast! She lost TEN POUNDS in two weeks!!!! Whoa!! I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. How awesome is that!! Not only am I sitting next to Kristen and wanting to live a high Raw lifestyle, but I have another friend who has been eating 100% RAW for two weeks and dropped some decent weight. I'm so inspired by RAW food right now. I have goals to get me to 100%... Of course I know that I tend to put alot of pressure on myself when it comes to what I eat... but with the help and encouragement of my friends, I believe going RAW will be more fun then anything :))

I started yesterday documenting what it is that I have been eating. Yesterday I was 100% RAW but didn't eat much at all... so I will deffinitely work on that. Today I was 90% Raw, but am feeling great. After my run tonight I had a Greenberry Shakeology and around noon had some blue chips with guacomole. It was a good day.
But each day, my goal is to have a 100% Raw day... but if I don't... try again the next day :))

I would like to do what Steph did and go 100% for 14 days... should I attempt it? I think so!!

Tomorrow (being Friday) I will start my 14 day Raw challenge :)) I'm gonna do it Steph, you have inspired me!! Thanks girl!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MC Update!

Ok! I've officially ended the MC. It was a long (very long) 10 days!!! My first 5 days were great! 100%. Then mother's day came and I ate dinner with the family (oops!). I started the MC over again from day one after that and have just had the hardest time sticking to it 100%... I don't know why it was such a struggle. I'm blaming it on the move... he he...
I lost a total of 4 pounds. Not bad... i'm happy. I would have liked to have actually taken the time to use the MC for a "cleanse"... but I'm thinking that until I am situated and really ready to give it my 100%, I can't commit to it.
That sounds fair right? ;)

Any way, I'm documenting what I eat from here on out.

Yesterday was my first official day off the MC so I drank Orange Juice all day with the exception of a banana.

I feel that when I write what I eat down and I read it, I tend to do better.

I'm extremely eager to get back on track with my LEAN phase of CE. I unpacked the program yesterday so I'm happy to see it sitting beside my tv ready for me to get EXTREME!! ;)

Thanks for the encouragement while on the MC :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Getting LEAN

Ok, so after I completed Burn Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme, I came up with a plan.. wanna hear it!! ;))
Since I've completed the first two phases a few months back (Burn phase and Push phase) I've decided to take the next 60 days and do all Lean phase. I have it on my calendar to start P90X July 1st!!! So in prep for the INTENSE P90X program, I've decided to do the LEAN Phase in replace of the of the Push phase, plus doing it for another 30 days as already scheduled :) I've been feeling so super strong lately! Lol ;) This Lean phase is phenominal... much different from the other two phases. Chalene focuses on building muscle on your upper body as long as building on your lower body, it's alot of work, but man do you feel good at the end of a hot and sweaty workout ;)) he he!

Ask me how you can get LEAN for summer and stay Lean for LIFE!! I can Coach you through your 90 days :))
Also! Want to save 10-25% on purchases throut Team BeachBody? Ask me how.

Visit my site here! (just click)

Monday, May 11, 2009

MC Update

Ok... so I started the MC last wednesday. Had been on it for 5 days... did AMAZING on it!! Come Mother's day, I cheated!!!! Yeah, I know... where's the will power!! I ate lunch with the rest of the family, and let me tell you, I ATE!!! Ha ha ha... gardenburger, sauteed mushrooms, salad, baked potato and uummm... oh yeah! buttered toast. Yeah, clearly NOT the way to go. I was so sick for the remainder of the day. My tummy was so PISSED at me. I couldn't blame it. What was I thinking?
Anyway, the book says, that if you cheat, you have to start all over from day ONE!! Yeah, so if you're on day 9 and you cheat, you're butt is starting not day 10 the next day, but all the way back to day ONE!!! So is it worth it to cheat?? Heck NO!! So here I go, Day one today (again!)
This time, let's not cheat :/ Lol. ;)

I have been 100% today, but have felt really really tired. I think it's a combo of the food I ate yesterday and the tremendous amount of work I did today. All in all, I had no energy. I wasn't ever "hungry" though. I mean, at night, yeah, I got hungry... but through out the day, I just wanted to sleep.

Ha!! Still can't believe i'm starting over because I convinced myself to eat on Mother's Day... how LAME!!! Lol ;))

Oh, but I don't mind, honestly. I'm excited to cleanse my body, rid my body of toxins and hopefully shed a few not so necessary pounds ;)

Here's a link shared with me by my wonderful and amazing best friend:
Celebrities and MC.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Master Cleanse (10 days)

Hello everyone!!
So I've gave it some thought, and I'm gonna do the Master Cleanse for 10 days!!! YEP!! Totally excited about it! I had a chat with my Best Friend last night and she always socks it to me just when I need to be socked the most. Here I am, "blah blah blah... I want to juice... blah blah blah... but don't think I'll be able to... blah blah blah" totally having the wrong attitude!
Thanks to great friends and knowing that I needed some help with my "thinking"... I was told to knock it off! Get my act together! Pull my head out of my A$$ and just DO IT!!! Yeah, i know, brutal huh!!!! I guess that's why I call her my Best Friend... Lol.
So anyway, here starts my 10 days. 10 days of lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and SMOOTH MOVE!!! Lol
It's gonna be a BLAST! Lol.
Today is day 1.

Update this evening... :))
Day one went right as planned. I did so well!! I was extremely busy though, so I think that helped out ALOT!
I can't stand to drink the salt water in the mornings though... I about throw up! and just sitting here thinking about it, makes me wanna throw up :( uughhh...
Other than that, I don't mind drinking lemons, maple syrup and cayenne all day... he he...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This weeks Chakra is the Brow Chakra, meaning Wisdom. It is located in the forehead, the site of the Third Eye, and represents the intersection of our human instincts and intellect. It influences our imagination, intuition, and insight through self-reflection. Create visual art through drawing, painting, photography, or filmmaking, and wear the color purple to stimulate this chakra.

Affirmation: I see things clearly and can express my vision and imagination.

I like this Chakra. I'm a very artistic person, so bring out my creativity to improve my inner self, I find stimulating in itself :)


Monday, April 27, 2009

Throat Chakra: Truth

The fifth chakra represents verbal expressions and communication. It influences the expression of emotions and creates understanding. Bright blues, such as turquoise and aquamarine, express the clear communication and thinking that is the essential nature of this chakra. Writing and storytelling stimulate this chakra.
Affirmation: I express myself honestly and with integrity and believe the world is listening to me.

This week is gonna be FUN!! For one! My favorite colors to wear are blues!! Second! I LOVE to write, so I'll be doing this chakra pretty much without meaning to ;)

I'm a very honest person as well. To even think of telling a lie kills me. I can't do it. I feel that if I tell a lie, the other person would see right through it, and then what would I do if ever caught in a lie? What a horrible feeling. So I'd rather not lie and just be bluntingly (is that a word?) honest with people... in a nice way of course ;))
Honesty has it's down falls too, but it beats lying.

Today's workout was Burn Circuit 1. (second week). I'm so funny, because lately I've been waking up at 5am but feeling really tired so I tell myself that I'll workout that night instead. Well, because I do that, I tend to miss working out at night due to a huge day of craziness, exhausted by the time I put the kids to bed... and just wanting to SLEEP!! So this morning, 5am turns over and the sun is starting to peak over the horizon, I say to myself, "get your ass up!!!" Lol... but in a "nicer" way ;))
I'm so glad I just got up when I did. Now my workout is done and if I choose to do an additional workout tonight, then great. But at least my goal was completed and is now out of the way.

I've been doing really good on my RAW journey :)
Last night we took our girls to the park to fly a kite and on our way, we picked up some french fries (one thing that I just LOVE!!). So yeah! I ate them... alot of them!! ha ha ha...

Today is a new day! French fries are NOT in the plan, just fresh fruit! YUM!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 Days 100% RAW

Just finished Burn It Off and Recharge. I sweated as if I had stepped into a sauna!! It was nuts!! he he he...
But listen!! My stomach is out of control!! Yeah!! Somewhere along the lines of my break between the CE Program (when I hurt my back) I gained some weight. My jeans are fitting way tighter, I have a "bulge" and when I was working out tonight... my belly was all over the place!! No joke! I was soo embarrassed, even though I was the only one in the room... I just felt so disgusting :(
I feel like I can look really good one day... and then a couple days later, look not so good. My jeans can fit completely different from the day before (weird) and my stomach will all of a sudden STICK OUT!!! What is wrong with me!! Lol
I cut out my carbs (the white flour kind) a few days ago, so far so good. I actually don't have a desire for it which is nice. But now I'm feeling like I need a really good "jump start." I need to get down and dirty on a strict eating plan for the next few days to hopefully get an inch or two (crossing my fingers!!) off! Is it possible? We'll see.
The best way I know of to really jump start my metabolism and body is A: extreme exercising (Check!) and B: 100% RAW.

Here's my plan:
Along side my daily workouts to ChaLEAN Extreme, I'm gonna go 100% RAW. I'm starting in the morning (wednesday) and I'm gonna finish on Friday night. A total of 3 days. Depending on how I feel, I might carry it on through out the weekend... we'll see ;)

But the goal is to be 100%!!!
I have a GREAT support team though... a sassy gal that is the "know it all" of RAW food living, Kristen of Kristens RAW. YEP!! I'm one lucky ass chick to get the encouragement and support of the RAW "hollywood" star. She's incredible!!

I'm gonna keep my RAW food eating simple. Meaning that i'm not going as far as dehydrating foods or juicing. Well, I would juice, but my juicer is packed away in a box right now. So I'll be eating fresh fruits and smoothies.... uumm... LOTS OF THEM!! he he he....

I'll keep you all posted! Cross your fingers I see results and a PHENOMINAL change! All I want right now is to wear my jeans and not ROLL OVER the top of them! yeah, I think they call that "muffin top!!" none of that!! Lol.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Compassion and Cutt'n out the Bread!!

This week's Chakra is the HEART CHAKRA (Compassion). This chakra is the center of love and influences the development of our compassion for ourselves and others. Self-love is the most important love of all. Practice breathing exercises and wear the color GREEN to stimulate this chakra.
Affirmation: I love myself unconditionally!

Lately I have been feeling so humbled. I've been growing as an individual, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend and spiritually. The past few weeks in particular. I'm so thankful for my family. I'm sooo thankful for my loving husband and 2 girls. I don't know what or why, but I'm sitting here writing this post and my eyes are full of tears. It wouldn't surprise me if I broke down in a full out sob-fest!! My heart is so full. I went to the spa with a good friend yesterday that I've known for a few years. She has a little boy pretty close to the same age as one of my little girls. Her family mean so much to me. My husband and my friend's boyfriend (they're not married) lived together right after high school. When I first started dating my husband, I remember going over to his apartment and hanging out with him and his roommate (now my girlfriend's boyfriend of 5 years).
Anyway, she told me yesterday that the two of them are splitting. That they don't love eachother anymore and they need to be apart. I couldn't understand it. I couldn't understand why. It broke my heart to hear this. I spent the whole day with her. Being a good friend, listening and telling her that it will all be OK.
I look at her and I look at her little boy and it brings a puddle of tears to my eyes because I just want them to be sooo happy. I want to see them laughing. We laughed because I was crying and having a harder time with the breakup then she was!! Ha ha ha...
When I got home from the spa and my girls ran to greet me at the door with hugs and kisses, along side my wonderful husband, I just started crying. Being so thankful for the love and appreciation we all share for eachother.
In no way am I saying I have it "better" then my friend or that my husband loves me more or anything like that. I'm just super thankful for the life I have and the family I have to share it with. It truly breaks my heart to see our close friends split and will now be switching off weekends with their son.

SO!!!!! This is why this chakra is so meaningful to me and couldn't have come at a better time. I want to show and share my compassion with all my friends and family. Let them know that I am here for THEM.
Along with that, showing myself the love I deserve from myself. Which brings me to the next peice of this post...

I have been doing really good with eating as much RAW as I can. I really can't consider myself High RAW though... I eat it when I can and when I do have a cooked meal, It's usually some kind of extreme carb (spaghetti, burrito with a flour tortilla, vegan pizza...) ha ha ha... not bad food, but this, I believe is my downfall. Because I tend to eat more than I should ;)
So for now, I would like to focus on eating as much RAW as I can, Vegan (of course) and NO BREADS!!!! NO REFINED CARBS!!!
I'm getting myself in trouble with the breads and pasta so I feel I just need to cut it out.

I want that 6-PACK this summer!!! he he he... I truly do!!! Gotta Sacrifice ;))

Well... thanks for letting me sob a little bit... he he he... not meaning to, but like I said, my heart is full :)

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Burn Intervals!

Tonight was a GREAT workout!! I did Burn Intervals... and let me tell you, I am so proud of myself!! I was able to keep up with the cardio portion of it (my breathing was under control) and I hung in there when working with the weights and thigh toning band (OUCH!!).
I feel like a million bucks right now!

I was supposed to also do Ab Burner tonight, but I'm in the moving process and I took the rug out of my living room and packed up the yoga mat... so tomorrow morning i'll be doing Ab Burner (in my bedroom where it's carpet) along with Burn Circuit 3. My handsome hubby and 3 year old princess are sleeping tight in the bed right now... so I won't wake them for 10 minutes worth of Ab training ;))

I've been eating good. Not GREAT, but good. I know I can be doing better. I'll be working on that. :))

I'm going to the spa this weekend for a little R&R :)) Yep! I was invited to go with a good friend and there ain't no way I'm turning down an invite so GREAT as the SPA!! woo hoo!!!

he he he...

Hope everyone is doing FANTASTIC!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update, RAW, No Pressure!

Woo hoo!!! Sweat'n and puff'n to Burn Circuit 1 this morning was GREAT!!! It feels so nice to be back on the program again :) I really pushed myself too!!! I thought that maybe this time around, doing the Burn Phase would be a little "easier"... right? Since I've been here before... uummm NO!!! Not at all!! Ha ha ha...
I mean, my legs are deffinitely stronger... squatting was not a problem (at least not at first, and actually not even half way through... towards the end... BURN!!). My arms are a tad stronger... I was able to do push-ups on my toes today (more than I had ever been able to do in the past) but to be honest with you, the struggle was in my chest! Yeah! My chest was feeling smaller than the air that was trying to come into it. I've always wanted to be a serious runner, but could never be because I couldn't ever get my breathing under control. So I know this is something I really gotta work on. I feel like I'm breathing through out the workout, but maybe not big enough breaths? IDK. I'll deffinitely be paying more attention to it ;)
Other than that, I really had a GREAT time. I'm fired up about these next 90 days.

I've been working on trying to be more RAW. A year ago, I lived a very high RAW lifestyle and it felt so good. I was in the best shape of my life and was ALWAYS full of energy and spunk! Somewhere along the lines, I stopped my RAW journey. It's been an entire year now that I have been 100% Vegan! I think that when I decided to live a Vegan lifestyle, I focused more on not eating dairy and meat and not so much on un-cooked food. Nothing wrong with that at all, both lifestyles are phenominal so sticking to one was good enough for me :)
Now that I'm living 100% Vegan and LOVING it, I want to incorporate more of my past lifestyle (RAW) into my daily food intake. For the past 2 weeks, I have been experimenting a little. I've been testing my cravings and really taking in focus to what it is my body is wanting. Fresh Fruit has been the answer. I really just want to eat fruit! Ha ha... SO! Breakfast, Snack and Lunch are fruit bowls or a banana/apple (as a snack) and dinner is usually steamed veggies on rice. Right now, veggies aren't appealing to me RAW... IDK why, probably because my juicer is out of reach currently so if I'm not gonna be juicing them... I don't want them (unless steamed!) ;))
Some days I just don't eat veggies because the want to live RAW is so strong right now. But when I do, I eat them no later than 6pm and I don't eat a whole lot.
My energy levels are rock'n and I'm feeling wonderful.
Also! I'm the type of person that puts ALOT of pressure on myself when wanting to commit to something (especially when that something is being announced to alot of other people). So I've been keeping the RAW food experiment on the "DL" and just seeing where it takes me :)
I would love to keep all of you informed and up to date with it, but NO PRESSURE!! ;)

Along with my Yoga, ChaLEAN Extreme Program and eating as high RAW as I possibly can (without the pressure ;)), I'm having to take it one day at a time and just love all the greatness that has come into my life. Yoga has helped me to be more calm, relaxed and happy... CE has boosted my confidence and is prepping me for my summer bod! Woo Hoo!! he he he... and living RAW makes me an all around better person. More energy, clear skin, gorgeous hair, better additude and healthy inside-out!! It's gonna be a FANTASTIC journey!! :)

And soon to follow this post will be my list of weights and reps I completed this morning :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Power" and Starting CE!!

Hello everyone!!

This week is the week of POWER. The third chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra: Power.
The third chakra represents personal power. It is the source of our idenity, and the integrity that comes from learning to be your truest self. It begins to develop during high school. Vigorous exercise, especially abdominal work, and the color yellow stimulate this chakra.

Affirmation: I am confident in my growing intelligence and wisdom.

Ooooh! FUN!! Wouldn't you say?!?! he he he...
This chakra is located right above the belly button. I can see how a strong core would make this chakra very powerful.
The affirmation is very confident and when said out loud, makes you feel POWERFUL! I love it!!

So here I go... a week of power and yellow!! :))

Today was gonna be day 1 of ChaLEAN Extreme... but because of my hike this morning and my P90X Intense 90 minutes of Yoga-X and a full day of work (and play)... I am just wanting to do some cardio on the elliptical, do some blogging (check!) and get to bed ;)) he he he...
SO!!! Tomorrow will be day 1!! No excuses!! he he he.... ;))

I'm truly excited to be starting the program over again! No back pain in weeks and I honestly feel that I'll be making it the full 90 days this time!! woo hoo!!!

Where be my cheerleaders at!!!! ;)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

ChaLEAN Extreme on the brain!

I'm totally looking forward to starting the CE program again. I feel great! No back pain. I've been relaxing (the best I can), stretching (yoga) and taking my time getting back into weight ligting :)

Along with my daily yoga, I'm ready to begin the CE program again :) come Monday, it will be Burn Circuit 1!! I'm really excited!!

Yoga is a difficult program in itself, but I love it! I want to keep up with it and see where it takes me :) I've been learning so much new and wonderful things that come along with the wonderful experience of stretching and finding your inner beauty and self :)

I LOVE the ChaLEAN Extreme Program and only wanted to take the time away that was needed while healing my back. Now that my back is better, I want to get right into it again :)

Come Monday, I'll be back in the CE groove :)

As far as yoga and my Chakra for the week, I have been having so much FUN!! Bringing out my "inner kid" has been a HUGE stress reliever ;) I recommend it to EVERYONE!! Hehehe...
Oh! And! I LOVE wearing Orange! Yeah! Idk what it is... But it's making me feel soooo happy :)))
Lots of smiles here :)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sacral Chakra: Creativity

Sacral Chakra: Creativity
The second chakra is located just below the navel and represents procreation and sexuality. Because it influences our most creative impulses, a strong sacral chakra contributes to an overall sense of well-being. Indulge your inner child, take pleasure in the wonders of the world, and wear the color ORANGE to stimulate this chakra.
Affirmation: I allow abundance and pleasure into my life.

I like this chakra!! I thought I had fun with The Root Chakra, but I think this one is gonna allow me to be a little more playful ;)
I love the affirmation. I'm gonna do my best to say it a few times a day.
My favorite part is, "indulge your inner child, take pleasures in the wonders of the world." Oh! I will do just THAT!! Hehehe...
This week will be a lot of fun! And YES! I do have Orange in my closet... I'm a Phoenix Suns fan ;)

Yoga has been very relaxing this past week. As I become more flexible and more balanced, the moves aren't as difficult, making my yoga practice more peaceful. I'm still feeling sore in different areas when I do it though, it never fails me to be in pain the next day, hehe.
For anyone that doesn't believe yoga gets u fit, lean and strong... WHATEVER!! Lol.

Anyway, cheers to another GREAT week!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Super Smoothing Hair Conditioner

I love my hair! I love the length, the shine, the EVERYTHING!! So I'm always looking for something to put on my hair to keep it from breaking, looking dull... blah blah blah. By eating more RAW and not washing it everyday like I use to, I've noticed it has been staying beautiful :)

A close friend of mine is trying out a new RAW line of hair products. I'm super excited about them and can't wait to hear what she has to report about them.

In the mean time, I've read that you should condition the last few inches of your tresses with mayonnaise (eeeewwww.... really??) I'm not likeing that idea so much... he he he... would Veganaise have the same effect??

One more thing! Do cucumbers really soothe the eyes?
Computers, air pollution, allergies and homework can make your eyes sore and puffy. I've always heard that if you chill a cucumber in the freezer for a few minutes (not to freeze it) and then to cut it in rounds and place over your eyes that the puffiness would go away... true??
I'd say it's worth a try ;))

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wearing RED and being a "Pitta Dosha"

I have managed to find RED clothing for my week of "Root Chakra." Woo hoo!!

Ok!! So like, I was reading further into my Yoga Chick book and in it was a questionaire titled, "What's Your Dosha?" What the hell is a DOSHA?? Supposedly, our bodies are made up of a unique combination of doshas in specific physical and mental constitutions. I don't know!!! I just answered the questions for the heck of it and scored a 20... therefore making me a "Pitta Dosha." Umm, ok!! Ha ha...

According to the book, a Pitta Dosha is described as: "Do people call you a natural leader? (Actually, yes!) Then you must be a Pitta (ok! cool). Ambitious Pitta is quick and alert (oh! that's just the RAW food kicking in), an articulate speaker and confident in spotlight (I'm just not a shy gal...). Pittas are moderately built with naturally toned muscles (hhmmm.. well that's a nice way to put it). They usually have soft, fair skin and a heart-shaped face with soft features (The fair skin I see... heart shaped face?). Pittas often are on best-dressed lists because they save their spending money for little luxuries like clothes (Seriously, I don't see anything else I'd rather spend my money on)." Interesting huh? But I truly don't see what this really tells me... That I'm a "Pitta Dosha???" I don't really get it.

This weeks affirmation has really been my spotlight. (I am strong and secure and adapt to changes in my life by going with the flow). I have been dealing with alot of issues lately, seeking out close friends to keep my spirits lifted and continuing my yoga practice to ease my mind. This affirmation couldn't have come at a better time :)

I skipped out on yoga this morning... I know!! I did yoga TWICE yesterday (morning and evening) therefore telling myself this morning that it was "ok" to sleep in. Now I'm wishing I would have just got up and did it... makes all the difference when you start your day off with a great exercise. Oh well ;) Tomorrow is another day!!

Anyone else into yoga and know what the heck i'm talking about with the whole "Dosha" thing?? Cuz I'm lost!!! He he he...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bring it! (P90X Yoga) & Root Chakra: Instinct

Bringing it! Is INTENSE... Bringing it! Yoga style is PHENOMINALLY INTENSE!! He he he... Seriously!!

I've always enjoyed a day or so a week of some great yoga. I've always been interested in the way your body strengthens just by using your own body and weight with extreme poses. I wouldn't say "I was a HUGE Yoga-Gal" I didn't do it enough to really be considered so. But being given the option of yoga, walking, hiking and stretching to work out (and nothing more), I've found a BIGGER love for yoga :)

The yoga that I have chosen to do every morning, is from the program P90X. It's 90 minutes of sweat and strength. I find it intense, and the more I do it, I'm starting to find it relaxing and such a great workout. I've never had so much fun doing yoga. I look forward to my early mornings with Tony Horton in his black spandex ;)) he he...

Let me tell you, when I HAD to stop doing the ChaLEAN Extreme Program, due to my "anxiety back," I think I gained back a couple pounds. At least I know that my pants were fitting tighter and I did notice some extra-ness on my stomach... Dang it!! ;)

So honestly, the yoga thing wasn't "that" exciting because I was thinking it wasn't gonna be as intense as the CE program was... but I was WRONG!! I can feel some tightness in my obliques and my flexibility is rock'n!!

So!!! My plan is to share with all of you, my last day's pic on the CE Program (Day 54) and use that pic as my "before" pic for my new yoga journey. I think it will be fun to see the difference that stretching and pose-holding will do for my body.

Yoga is MORE than just poses, it calms your mind, body and soul.

I've picked up a book called Yoga Chick (A Hip Guide to Everything Om). it's a great books. Very informative and cute. I love sassy-fun books! :)

In the book is a very short chapter (actually, I wouldn't even call it a "chapter") that is all about the Chakra System. It caught my attention and after reading it, I am pretty exciting to be more aware of my own chakra system :)

Here's a description from the book of the Chakra System: "The chakras are spiraling sheels of energy that line up from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakra means "wheel of light" and each one represents a state of consciousness, begining with our most primitive needs for security to our spiritual needs for peace of mind. You cannot touch the chakras, because they are not organs or nerves, but you can feel their impact on your health and emotions. When your body, mind, and spirit are in harmony and are working together cooperatively, chakra energy flows freely and drives creativity, discovery, journeys, relationships, integrity, and good health. You can stimulate the chakras through color choices, music, meditiation, yoga practice, and affirmations. The affirmations are most powerful when spoken out loud at the beginning or after your yoga session or after meditation."

Pretty damn cool, huh!! :)) Yeah I know! So to make my yoga journey fun and allowing there to always be something new for me to learn and appreciate in the yoga world, I'm gonna be aware of the chakras and try my best to get these wheels a turn'n :)

There are 7 "wheels" in the chakra system. The first one being located at the base of the spine and the seventh one being located at the crown of the head.

Since I'm new to yoga (what I mean is, actually paying attention to what yoga is really all about) then I'm gonna take my time getting familiar with the different chakra's.

This week as I'm doing my P90X Yoga I'm also going to be thinking about and owning up to the first chakra, the Root Chakra: Instinct. This Chakra represents our most primitive nature and survival instincts. Because it influences our sense of security, a strong root chakra helps us stay grounded (which is very important to me). It says, "to stimulate this chakra, wear the color red and practice Mountain Pose."

Affirmation (for Root Chakra): "I am strong and secure and adapt to changes in my life by going with the flow."

So before this morning's yoga practice, I said aloud this affirmation and again after my yoga practice. It felt really nice :)

Now, do I own anything RED? ;)

I am beginning to become The YOGA Chick!! He he he... ;)))

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gotta stick to the plan

So as I'm going crazy here cuz I really want to be back in the CE program, I talked to one of my very close friends yesterday and she gave me some great advice, and honestly, just what I needed to hear.
She understands that I'm eager to get back in the program and truly BRING IT! But also knows my condition (with my back) and has advised me to take my time. Enjoy my Yoga journey. CE will be here when I'm ready for it again. She made me feel good about my Yoga plans and lifted my spirits about being OK with taking it "easy."
I feel good. I feel cinfident.
Soon enough, I will be back and going strong with my girl Chalene ;))
So!! Original plan... YOGA!! New plan... YOGA!! I'm gonna stick to it. No getting impatient. I need to fully recover to be strong and ready :)

Ok!! So enough of that, you all get the point, Yoga from here on out (until all better).

This morning was so nice. I set my internal alarm clock for "early," woke up at 5am and decided to go hiking. A few of the ladies from my church were going at 5:30am so I jumped up, dressed, grabbed my flashlight and ran to the hiking trail :)
It was a great hike!
Afterwards, I did Yoga with Tony Horton.
It really set my day off for a HEALTHY start. I noticed that by forcing myself to just GET UP and GO, complete my workouts first thing before all my distractions woke up ;) I was able to think clearly and take the rest of the day one step at a time. Yoga truly helped with that too.
Even my diet was good.
Smoothie for breakfast, tofurky sandwich for lunch and a salad for dinner :)

Yep!! I'm ready to do it all again in the morning! 5am baby!!

Love you all!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

So, uumm... Turbo Jam?

Hello!!! A little update for all of you that are following my progress ;)
My neck and back has seemed to get worse. What I mean is, my back and neck are sooo tight, that it's uncomfortable to even turn. Lately I have had quite a bit on my plate. Nothing to do with my workout program what so ever, but with life in general.
Yoga has been pure joy. It's giving me the chance to stretch and relax. HOT baths at night help too!!
I'm extremely eager to get back into my CE program though!! I find myself watching the infommercials and talking to anyone and everyone about the program constantly!! Lol. It's so true though!!
I'm gonna make another appt. with my chiropractor here real soon. I don't want to hear, "Malynda, you need to continue to REST! Relax and Stretch.." I will lose my mind!! Lol!!
I'm a fast-pace girl, I need to be doing more than JUST the yoga. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE yoga... but I need it to be something I do on the side of something more intense and FUN! ;))
You know what I mean, right!
I'm thinking, since I love Chalene's programs more than any other program on the market, I think I'm gonna start doing some Turbo Jam.
It's all pretty much, Kicking, Punching and DANCING!! So I don't see any harm ;)
There's no weights involved. I'm gonna do Turbo Jam at least 3 times a week. See how I feel, schedule a Chiro appt and then go from there.

How are all of you doing on the program(s)? Please share!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bath-Time BLISS

Oh! I have GOT to share this moment with all of you! A moment of happiness and a mind, well-relaxed :)
It has been brought to my attention, that to "relax" your body and mind, you need to take BATHS!!! Well hell, we all know that I have been "prescribed" to be more relaxed. I need to take it easy, breath, and SOAK!! He he he... am I complaining? Nope!!
So tonight, after all was said and done, I did what it was I've been wanting and NEEDING to do... I had myself a very calming and relaxing bath!

And here! I want to share it with YOU!!

My first "meditative experience":
The day has come to an end and the night is now upon me and my precious family. My duties are on hold for the remainder of this dark gorgeous night. I tuck my sweet girls into bed and kiss my husband on the lips, he too has said "good-night." I walk into my master bath (where I had earlier in the day hung up pictures to decorate), it was beautiful! I turned on the water (to really HOT!), sprinkled some dead sea salt in the water and allowed for the tub to fill up. Before turning out the bathroom light, I lit three tiny tea-lights. Then OFF the lights it went. I tippy-toed into the scorching water. (uumm... was I "supposed" to make this water so dang HOT!!!)... he he he. The water made my mind say "ouch!" but it also made my body say"oohh la la!" ;))
I was able to climb in and sink into the water. It truly was a PERFECT temperature. I sat in the water and allowed for my body to appreciate it's temporary environment. Very gently, I splashed water on my face, the warmth was sooo relaxing. I brushed my face with my facial loofah, then sank down into the water to cover my entire body.
Then, I tried to focus. I wanted to focus on relaxing. My day had been well spent and this was MY time. All MINE!!
I closed my eyes and focused on breathing. My mind suddenly cleared and all I could think about was the smell of Eucaliptus (from my salt). It was such a relaxing smell. And as I sit here and write this post, eucaliptus lingers on my skin and in my hair. I am relaxed. I focused on the sounds I heard around me. The first sound that came to my attention, was my daughter's breathing in sweet slumber, off in dream land in Mommy and Daddy's bed. (what an angel, I thought). A smile made my face. I listened some more and heard the ceiling fan spinning in the bedroom. Listened some more and heard a car drive by outside... blocks away though, it wasn't loud. I listened some more and could hear a light breeze right outside my bathroom walls. It was a beautiful sound, too! It was calming. Made me think that it was possibly cooler outside tonight.
Now I sank down further, until my ears were under the water. I listened. I heard my heart beat. Wow! I thought! I am alive! Ha ha ha... But truly... How very blessed I am to be alive and living. So much I take for granted (life being one of them). I listened for a few minutes to the beating of my heart. I listened to its rythm, and it's power to keep beating. Thank you heart ;)))
I then listened and tried to focus on any other sounds that I may hear under the water. Even though I was pretty still, the slightest of movement made the water wave slightly, and I could hear it swaying. I could hear my breathing.
I opened my eyes, just a little, and I focused on my first sights. I watched the ripples of the water reflecting on the porcelain tub. I watched the tiny flames from my tea-lights dance about. I looked up farther, and noticed the shimmering of the moon's light tapping on my glass block. I was happy! I was relaxed and thankful for the life I live. The people in my life. The thoughts I think and the dreams I dream.
What a joyous moment this was.
What felt like an hour in my bathtime paradise, was nearly 15 or 20 minutes. And it was perfect!
I sat up, unplugged the drain, reached for my towel and dried off. But I wasn't done. I was in a trance of acknowleding my surroundings. I dried off and put my comfy p.j.'s on. wrapped my towel around my neck to catch the beads of water still dripping from my hair, kissed my hubby on the forehead as he lye there asleep and crept out to the kitchen where I made myself a cup of tea. Now I sit here, typing this post, sipping on my tea and I'm happy. Happy to share my experience with all of you!
Did I have a meditating experience in the bath tonight? Idk. It felt like it. Will I have more bath-times like this? For sure! But will I also experience bath-times with an un-focused mind, children maybe disturbing me in the background, phone ringing, dog barking... blah blah blah!! Heck yes!! And you know what? It's ok. It's LIFE! And it's a great life!! I'm happy to be taking the journey that I am taking right now. I love that I have others to share it with.

I love you all and I sincerely Thank You for keeping up and following my blog!