Diet: (noun)

A way of living, or thinking, a day's journey.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 10 Raw

Oh man!!!! I feel so great!!! I'm laying in bed right now writing this post and not even the least bit tired. It's 1am in the morning... Actually my 11th day ;) hehe...
This is gonna sound silly, but I wake up in the mornings feeling sexy and THIN!!!
I feel like all eyes are on ME! It's true! I notice the biggest of changes with my body since going Raw. My waist is smaller, my tummy is flatter and I have this high energy glow about me! It feels wonderful!!!!
I don't crave cooked food in the least. I want Raw in my body. I CRAVE the benefits of Raw food.
I'm feeling so good :))



Kristen's Raw said...

I know the feeling! It's amazing! It's light, pure, fun, easy, and awesome!

Great job sticking to it!!!! I can't wait to come over and make some Raw food with you!!!

Steph Timms said...

You are doing so awesome, girl! I knew you could do it!

I love the glow and the energy. There really is nothing like it! It just feels so natural, and like you're more in touch with the Earth.

Raw rocks!!!

Malynda Twitchell said...

Kristen! I was checking out your Raw Chocolate book and have my eye set on Chocolate Chia Crackers!!! YUM! YUM! YUM!!!!! I want them really really bad!!!
Let's make those! :))

Steph! I'm doing it girl!! I'm really doing it!! and it's coming so easy to me. I'm finally ready to be Raw :)) I'm so happy!! Now that i've lost weight and inches and have a whole new look on myself, I don't want to put cooked food into my body.
If I didn't have so much already planned for my month to prep for my P90X challenge, I would definitely add yoga to my workout programs. but no worries, the P90X program is equiped with 90 minutes of yoga!! woo hoo!!!