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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

P90X - Week 5

This is my fifth week of P90X! Second phase! I am feeling great!! I notice a difference in my leg and arm strength... And even better, in my abdominal strength!! I am getting so much better at Ab Ripper, its amazing :)
Tomorrow I have Chest, Triceps and Biceps along with Ab Ripper! I am so excited as this is probably my favorite workout! My goal is to curl 15lbs and use 10lbs for my triceps :) I got my hand gloves at the sports store the other day so I'm hoping they help with gripping the weights.
My weight has stayed the same since startting the program, and has actually gone UP a few times and then back down to where I started... No worries! I'm gaining muscle so I don't mind. I didn't take my measurements on day 30, so on day 60, we'll see where I stand ;)
I went back to eating Raw as of Monday, I'm feeling GREAT! My goal is to be 100% for the week. Already I'm experiencing insomnia! Hahaha... And my energy levels are sky rocketing!
I wanted to eat Raw because since I have made the decision to add egg-whites to my diet and whey protein powder, I've been feeling sluggish. I want to give my body a "detox" and re-boost my antioxidant levels :) so Raw it is!
I'm having FUN! I'm pushing PLAY and I'm loving LIFE!!!

Who else is doing P90X with me? Let me know your favorite P90X workout and WHY and you will be entered in to a drawing to win a FREE P90X Protein Bar!

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derek said...

Its fast its powerful you feel like you can kick butt its punshing and kicking and then its time to cool down and your all beat up and sweaty and yet you want more..
By far my fav.

Malynda Twitchell said...

I agree Derek!! I LOVE Kenpo!! I'm a kicking and punching kinda girl! ;)

Steph Timms said...

You're doing awesome, girl!!! I hope the raw thing is really working out for you. I've definitely been eating more cooked food lately, but I'm still eating lots of fresh greens and fruit. So yummy! I'm hooked on Vega, too. I just ordered the Vanilla Chai flavor because it's super on sale here: - $52 for the big size!!!

Keep rocking it!

Malynda Twitchell said...

WOW Steph!!! Thanks so much for the link! I'm gonna go order some!! Let me know what you think of the Vanilla Chai Flavor... I think I have tried it and needed to play around with it to get the taste I liked ;) They're GREAT in smoothies!!
How is Insanity goind pretty girl??

Malynda Twitchell said...

OK!!! I wanted to share that the winner of the drawing (since there are only the two of you that had commented!! ha ha ha) Is Derek Lundy!! YAYY Congrats Lundy!!!
I will send you out the P90X Protein Bar tomorrow (Monday).
Thanks for commenting!!