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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Year's Challenge and New Goal for... ME!

Everyone on the Fit N' Fabulous New Year's Challenge is doing a GREAT job!! I am so very proud of all of you!!! One month down... less then two more to go :)
Hang in there!! Only three more weeks of Insanity AND ChaLEAN Extreme together... then it's all about CE only! Just stay focused on what you want! Remember what your goals are... write them out again. Stay on top of what it is you are wanting the outcome of this challenge to be.

I'm here for each and every one of you! Email me and stay in touch so that we can get through the last 52 days together :)

So here's my anouncement!! My goal has always been to get into tip top shape and share with others the importance of doing so. My goal is to enter in the Female Natural Fitness Show March 13th, 2010. My goal is to make 1st place in this show! With pure dedication, motivation and desire to want to walk on stage and show everyone what I've worked so hard for will get me to the top... there's no doubt about it!!
My training starts tomorrow. I will be training for the next 19-20 weeks. I'm so excited and ready to bring it!!!
I'll be sharing my progress with all of you!! My transformation story, I hope, will motivate and encourage others to want to take better care of their bodies as well.



TheFitnessFreak said...

How cool Malynda!!! That is a great goal and I know you can achieve it : ) Can't wait to see progress reports!

Kristen's Raw said...

Whoo hoo!!! Go hot stuff!!! Strut Your Stuff!!!! :)))))

We're all behind you all the way!


lolmos said...

OMG!!!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME Malynda!! I know you will do awesome and can't wait to hear and see your results. That has ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS been a dream of mine as well and maybe seeing your transformation will help inspire and motivate me to FINALLY do what needs to be done. I love you girl and wish you the very best!! You will be NUMBER ONE!!!!! Yayyyyy Lara O...

Malynda Twitchell said...

you girls are the BEST!!!!!!! Your support and motivation means the world to me!!!!! You are truly great friends to me that I hold close to my heart!!!
Love you all very much!!!!