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Monday, January 26, 2009

I finally GET IT!!

Now I know why I have been sooo damn hungry and wanting to eat everything in my path!!!
Lol... It wasn't until last friday (day 13) that I tuned in to the Burn Circuit 3 Video and listened to what Chalene was telling us. That the reason why our appetites have increased while on the program is simply because we're lifting weights and gaining muscle, therefore!! Our metabolisms are in overdrive. WOOO HOOO!!!!! That's what I'm talking about!! Metabolism in OVERDRIVE!!!
So at first, I got really excited and was telling myself that it was ok to eat EVERYTHING in my path... Chalene said so... ;) he he...

Nope!! Not what she said. As hard as it is... I am doing GREAT at keeping my calories in check!! I want this new body soooo bad!! I'm not gonna splurge... not yet, anyway!! ;)

I'm on day 15. Half way through the first phase!! Wow... really?? That's pretty cool!! :))

I did Burn Circuit 1 Today and really gave it my all. My weights this week are a little heavier for each workout. I've noticed that when lifting and working my upper body... i'm lifting 10-15 lbs. lower body... 15-25 lbs. My thighs are ROCK HARD. No Joke!!! I can't tell you how many squats I have done so far since Day 1... but it's ALOT! and it is showing. No one is gonna want to mess with this sassy chick... they'll get a Rock Hard Solid knee kick to their groin!! oohh!! JK... uugghh, but seriously ;)
I'm really having a lot of fun with this program!! I like it that I now have my schedule down and I know what to expect with each morning's exercise.

Something happened the first week due to not knowing what to expect with my workouts that I will NOT share due to award winning embarrassment!!! Lol.
Maybe one day... like on day 90 or something ;)

Anyway!! I just got some 2-Day Fast Formula that I'm gonna give a try tomorrow and wednesday. Tomorrow is my REST day so i'll have one day of exercise while fasting... but according to the label... exercise is ok. So!! We'll see... I'm thinking I might need to video my 2-day fast... what do you think??


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