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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going Raw... New inspiration!

Well yay!! I'm all moved into my new home, I have my exercise programs all set out and am ready to get my booty in gear!! Like I had mentioned in prior posts, I'm finishing the month of May with the Lean Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme... but in an effort to prepare myself for P90X (which will be starting July 1st) I am also doing the Lean phase the entire month of June as well.
Alot of LEANING going on! He he...
I went for a run tonight that was really nice. It was overcast, a little breezy and just nice to be out of the house and burning some calories :)

My energy the past two days have been pretty high. After coming off of the MC, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to gain the weight I lost, back.
I had Kristen (from Kristen's RAW of course!) come over and hang out with me for the day. I mean, what are great friends for? Right!! He he.. Having her around and having her excitement and motivation in the air I breath, makes me want to never go back to bad eating habits again. She makes me understand the value of good eating. Being around her and watching her with her food choices makes me want to stay committed and eat more RAW. I mean so many benefits come with eating RAW, Kristen's skin glows! Yeah!! Her hair is thick and shiny... it's absolutely gorgeous. Her complexion is one of a young beauty. The entire day I spent with her, I was just in AWE!
She is truly an inspiration to go RAW!

So I was hanging out with my best friend and loving her every detail, inspired on going RAW.

There is a young lady (Steph Timms) who is following my blog and is someone that I have much in common with. She's super sweet and is too, into eating more RAW. She just recently went on a 14 day RAW feast! She lost TEN POUNDS in two weeks!!!! Whoa!! I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. How awesome is that!! Not only am I sitting next to Kristen and wanting to live a high Raw lifestyle, but I have another friend who has been eating 100% RAW for two weeks and dropped some decent weight. I'm so inspired by RAW food right now. I have goals to get me to 100%... Of course I know that I tend to put alot of pressure on myself when it comes to what I eat... but with the help and encouragement of my friends, I believe going RAW will be more fun then anything :))

I started yesterday documenting what it is that I have been eating. Yesterday I was 100% RAW but didn't eat much at all... so I will deffinitely work on that. Today I was 90% Raw, but am feeling great. After my run tonight I had a Greenberry Shakeology and around noon had some blue chips with guacomole. It was a good day.
But each day, my goal is to have a 100% Raw day... but if I don't... try again the next day :))

I would like to do what Steph did and go 100% for 14 days... should I attempt it? I think so!!

Tomorrow (being Friday) I will start my 14 day Raw challenge :)) I'm gonna do it Steph, you have inspired me!! Thanks girl!!



Kristen's Raw said...

Hi Raw Hot Pants!!!

Great post! Thank you for paying such extra special attention to me and showering me with compliments. You are so kind and sweet and I love you to bits and pieces. I'm stoked about your Raw challenge. You'll totally kick butt. I'm here whenever you need me! I'll see you next week and we'll talk about your progress so keep up the great work!

Build that muscle and burn that fat! Go Raw! Go Raw!

Annie said...

Awesome decision to go raw. As much as I'd like to do it, I don't think I could simply because I don't like most veggies raw. How did you do it?

Steph Timms said...

*HUGS* Thanks for the massive shout out, girl! You are too sweet!

You are totally gonna be raw for 14 days! I just know it. After all, it's ONLY 14 days. That's nothing. Just keep eating lots of sweet fruit to satisfy any cravings, and I've found that if I'm really craving something salty, I slice up hothouse cucumbers and sprinkle the slices with some Himalayan crystal salt and fresh pepper to make "chips"! They're great for dipping in guacamole too! ;)

You can do it!!!!

Malynda Twitchell said...

Kristen!! I look forward to seeing you next week and sharing with you my progress!! It's gonna be GREAT!!!
Annie: Ya see, I've always liked veggies (every one of them) so eating them raw never botherd me. However, is there one or two veggies that you can eat raw and it not upset your taste buds? Cucumber, carrots, celery?? eat what you can with the raw veggies and then eat all the fruit that you love!! As Kristen tole me last week, summer is the BEST time to go high raw or 100% raw :)

Steph!those cucumber chips sound so freak'n good!!!! I will definitely be making those when craving the salt ;)) Thanks sweetie!!! and yes... it's ONLY 14 days! I can DO THIS!!!

Thanks so much for the encouragement!!!