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Monday, May 11, 2009

MC Update

Ok... so I started the MC last wednesday. Had been on it for 5 days... did AMAZING on it!! Come Mother's day, I cheated!!!! Yeah, I know... where's the will power!! I ate lunch with the rest of the family, and let me tell you, I ATE!!! Ha ha ha... gardenburger, sauteed mushrooms, salad, baked potato and uummm... oh yeah! buttered toast. Yeah, clearly NOT the way to go. I was so sick for the remainder of the day. My tummy was so PISSED at me. I couldn't blame it. What was I thinking?
Anyway, the book says, that if you cheat, you have to start all over from day ONE!! Yeah, so if you're on day 9 and you cheat, you're butt is starting not day 10 the next day, but all the way back to day ONE!!! So is it worth it to cheat?? Heck NO!! So here I go, Day one today (again!)
This time, let's not cheat :/ Lol. ;)

I have been 100% today, but have felt really really tired. I think it's a combo of the food I ate yesterday and the tremendous amount of work I did today. All in all, I had no energy. I wasn't ever "hungry" though. I mean, at night, yeah, I got hungry... but through out the day, I just wanted to sleep.

Ha!! Still can't believe i'm starting over because I convinced myself to eat on Mother's Day... how LAME!!! Lol ;))

Oh, but I don't mind, honestly. I'm excited to cleanse my body, rid my body of toxins and hopefully shed a few not so necessary pounds ;)

Here's a link shared with me by my wonderful and amazing best friend:
Celebrities and MC.


Kristen's Raw said...

FIVE DAYS!!!!! That's longer than most people make! Great job!!! But... get your head out of your ass - haha - and stick to it this time. The next time you want to eat, you better text or call me and I'll set you straight - really fast, too!!!! Tough love!!!

Seriously, you're doing great. Stick to it! Don't give up. Start a journal about it, or write about it EVERY DAY here.... that will really help. Plus, we want to know all the juicy details.

Ehem.... buttered toast??? I hope it was soy butter!!!!! ;)

PS... I want to borrow some of your dvds. Now that I have an awesome new iMac, I can try some of those workout dvds!!!!!!!


PS... Beyonce is such a smokin' hot babe! Print out that pic and keep it on your refrigerator! That'll inspire you!

Malynda Twitchell said...

Yeah I know!! Tough love is needed ;)) I'll stick to it this time, or else you'll know about it! he he...
I was planning on posting daily... that always seems to help. But bare with me, things are pretty BUSY at the Twitchell home right now ;)

and YES!!! Earth balance butter!! So YUMMM!!!

you want DVD's!! you got it!!! pick your request and I shall deliver :))

I love you so very much girl!!!
you're an inspiration yourself... I don't need Beyonce flaunt'n her booty on my fridge!!LOL!!
Just want my jeans fitt'n looser ;)


Steph Timms said...

Hey girl, just checking in with you!

From what I can tell, you have a very strong will when you want to... so you can totally do 10 days of MC!

I started something kinda similar yesterday - a 14 day raw fast which basically equates to 2+ smoothies, a large avocado salad, and a Larabar everyday. I've been eating way too many junk food things lately, so this should set me straight. Plus it's super awesome not having to think about food for once. Next Sunday we're taking my parents out for a belated Mother's Day meal, so I will indulge in some pita bread and hummus with my salad. But that's it!

Good luck! *hugs* And let me know how CE is going for you. I just started week 3 of BC yesterday.

Malynda Twitchell said...

Steph! Oh that's awesome!! RAW cleanses are great!!! Keep me posted on your progress :)
It's kinda like we're doing the cleanse's together ;))

My will IS strong, I know it can be put in CHECK! So here we go!! ;))

I'm still going strong in CE :) I'm in the Lean Phase. oohh... which reminds me... I gotta write a post explaining my workouts.
Thanks for the reminder sweetie!!

I can't wait to hear about your success with the RAW cleanse :)


Adri said...

Wow I've always wanted to try MC! Good luck!

Malynda Twitchell said...

Give it a shot Adri :))