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Monday, January 18, 2010

Experiment: Raw Vegan Diet and Lifting Heavy (Week 1)

Last Friday at the gym really set me off to make the decision to go full out VEGAN for this transformation. I have been eating egg-whites, tuna, and lots of WHEY! I'm tired of it. My body wasn't digesting the high quantities of protein that I was consuming and I was remaining constantly bloated, icky feeling and not losing a single pound. At the gym, I jumped on the scale and was at a disappointing 155 Lbs (I started this transformation 9 weeks ago and weighed in at 156 lbs!!) I understand that muscle weighs more than fat, and I wouldn't let the weight bother me, but I have a goal weight for the show of 135 lbs and I MUST be close to that to compete. Being at this for 9 weeks and not budging the scale messes with your head... BUT! I won't give up!

I wanted to go back to my Vegan lifestyle but in all honesty, wasn't sure how with all the weight lifting. I know Vegans Body build I just didn't know enough to train myself as a Vegan.

So this Saturday I met up with one of my GREAT Friends, Kristen Suzanne of Kristen's Raw. This girl is AMAZING!! She's not only super gorgeous and a fun loving spirit, but she is SMART... like REALLY smart! I can sit and talk with her for hours just picking her brain on health, veganism, Raw and so much more... it's awesome!
We sat and talked about where I would get my protein intake from my Vegan options. We went over my weight training for the week and my calorie consumption. This week is going to be a great experience, I have so much faith in everything that we talked about and everything that I am about to do.
This weekend I ate a very CLEAN diet (consisting of Green Juice, Raw Goods, and Vegan Foods), I feel better today than I have felt in the past 9 weeks!

So here's the plan for the week...

Post workout: (6:30 am)
* 2 scoops Sun Warrior Protein, 1 tablespoon Fruits of the Earth, 1 scoop Greens Powder
(Kristen gave me this recipe and calls it a Grenade! I love it!)

Before Breakfast: (7:30 am)
* Fresh Green Juice

Breakfast: (8:30-9 am)
* 2 Scoops Sun Warrior Protein Powder
* 1 Apple

Snack: (10:30-11 am)
* Green Juice

Lunch: (12-12:30 pm)
* Gardein "chicken" breast
* 1 cup steamed veggies
* Seared ToFu
* 1 Cup Steamed Veggies

Snack: (2-2:30 pm)
* Green Juice
* 1 Apple or Carrots (30 minutes after drinking Green Juice)

Late Snack: (4:30 pm)
* 2 Scoops Sun Warrior Protein

Dinner: (6:30 pm)
* Green Juice
* Large Salad

I'll count my calories today to give you an idea of my calorie intake. If Kristen and I feel we need to adjust the meals or snacks, then I'll let you all know :)

This morning at the gym I did:
* 35 Minutes Cardio
* Back and Biceps
** Reaching failure at 6 reps and pushing to complete 8 reps.

This morning's Weight: 151.5 Lbs

I'm really excited about what we have planned for this week... 100% Vegan and High RAW!! I couldn't be happier!! It will be interesting to see what happens with my body, and to share the results daily with all of you!! :)



TheFitnessFreak said...

How exciting Malynda!! I'm so glad Kristen could give you a great eating plan, she's awesome! I bet you're feeling SO much better!


Kristen's Raw said...

Great job! Can't wait to see how this progresses. We'll chat about your calories today to make sure you're getting enough. :) It sure is a HIGH ENERGY day of food! :)

Malynda Twitchell said...

Thank you Nicole!! and YES Kristen is AMAZING!!! She has always taken the time out to help me... and I require A LOT of help!! Lol ;)
I feel so much better living the way I want to live. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders... not to mention the relief of stress!
Thanks Nicole for all of your support!

I do have a lot of energy Kristen! I feel SUPER! Thank you for ALL that you do!! I wish I could just sit and talk with you ALL day!! you're so smart and just a great person to be around!

Love you girls!!