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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vegan + Superior Nutrition = SPROUTS!!

Vegan or not, everyone needs sprouts in their diet. Our bodies are being damaged inside, and mercilessly, by toxic chemical reactions. Toxic chemical additives and hazardous wastes in our air, water, and food supplies will continue to pervade our living and working environments. These toxins are returning to us in everything we eat, drink, and breathe. Thankfully, much of the internal damage they do heals automatically, like that cut on our finger. However, when our body is not adequately nourished it can't neutralize and expel these poisons fast enough. They build up in our body, and so does the invisible damage they do. Toxic build - up can severely damage our immune system.

A body that is toxic is like a cut with dirt in it. It is contaminated and may not heal properly. It needs to be cleaned and given the nutrients it needs to disinfect, detoxify, rebuild, and heal itself. Many of us have already recognized this fact of health and are
being more careful about our nutrition. There is a food source in Nature full of concentrated nutrients that can help our body detox - and rebuild our immune system.

Sprouting has become a ritual in our home... that and Juicing!

Being Vegan and making sure that I get as much nutrients as I possibly can, I alternate my sprouts (by protein, calcium, iron, potassium and other vitamins).

This week's sprouting includes Green Pea, Radish Sprouts, and Alfalfa Sprouts.

Green Pea: Rich in chlorophyll, protein, enzymes and minerals.

Radish Sprouts: High in vitamins, A, B-1, B-6 and C, folic and pantothenic acids, niacin, potassium, iron and phosphorous. When exposed to light, they turn light green with chlorophyll.

Alfalfa Sprouts: High in protein, essential amino acids, and eight digestive enzymes; vitamins A, C, B complex (including B-12), D, E, and 4 minerals; iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and - when exposed to light - high in chlorophyll.

I include my girls in on my sprouting FUN! They love it! Sprouting is easy and sooo good for you!!

Want to learn HOW to sprout and witness the ease of it... just watch Kristen's Video: How to Grow Sprouts.


Kristen's Raw said...

Awesome! Yay for sprouts!!!!!!!! Do the girls like watching them grow?


Malynda Twitchell said...

Oh yes the girls love watching the sprouts develop from a tiny seed to a "thing with a tail!" ha ha ha... They're planting their own flowers now to watch them grow like our sprouts :)

YAYYY for nourishing SPROUTS!!!

ss. said...

Hi, I really enjoy sprouting too how do you eat them?

Malynda Twitchell said...

I eat them right out of the jar, on a piece of ezekiel bread or I add them to my favorite smoothies :))

TheFitnessFreak said...

Sprouts ARE awesome! So much better to grow them at home than to buy them! Way to go Malynda!!!

Malynda Twitchell said...

I agree Nicole!!! I love growing my own!! :))