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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feeling my BEST and ready for the Last 9 weeks!

I'm one week into my 12 week diet plan... and so far... I hate it!! ha ha ha... Not because I'm limited to serving sizes, but because I'm eating all animal protein!! My body is refusing it.

I've put my body through enough already, and I'm ready to call it QUITS!!! Yep! QUITS!!!!

Ha ha ha... let me explain "QUITS!" I'm not a quitter by any means. When I put my mind to something, then I follow through until my goal is accomplished. And that's it!

So here's what I'm "quitting": ANIMAL Bi-Products!! I'm going back to my Vegan ways!! I know that I only have 9 weeks till show time, but I have to go where my heart is. My body is not cooperating while eating the amount of animal protein that I am eating (210 grams of protein every day!). I was gonna wait till after the show to go back to my Vegan lifestyle, but why wait! I've gone back TODAY! And I feel PHENOMENAL!!

I know that I can train as intense as I do while eating plants and whole foods provided by Mother Earth. This will be a great journey and a wonderful experience to finish out these last weeks as a strong and healthy Vegan.

I will have to teach myself how to do the ratio plan with tofu, soy and possible Vega products. It CAN be done and I am so excited about doing it!!

As far as today... I juiced celery, cucumber, kale, collard greens and carrots. I am drinking juice all day to re-energize my body and rid myself of the toxins I have added to my body over the past 8 weeks. I feel so much better! I feel HEALTHY and STRONG!!

I can't wait to share this experience with all of you! I have great support from my amazing husband :) He loves me so much and wants to see me succeed... we both agree that THIS is the way!!

I am at 150 pounds right now and my goal is to be at 130-135 pounds for competition. I am not losing weight at all! I am losing inches which is GREAT! But I want to see the number go DOWN! My loving and Kind Lifestyle will shed this weight off, without a doubt.

I am by myself as far as training now... I said Goodbye to my trainer last week. I am doing workouts from the ChaLEAN Extreme Push and Lean Phase along with added cardio from INSANITY! I haven't been so excited about this entire journey until RIGHT NOW!!!!



lolmos said...

I love you girl and am so excited for you! Glad you are back to what you really believe in and are feeling better. You are such an inspiration and I know you will be a SUPERSTAR!!! Hehehehehehe... :)

Malynda Twitchell said...

I love you Lara!!!! You're such a great friend!!! Thanks for all of your continuous support!!

You're wonderful!!!!

Kristen's Raw said...

Awesome choice!!! When your heart is in it, success follows.
I'm here to help as much as I can. Brown rice protein powder is a high vegan protein so you might want some for shakes - use 2 scoops per shake. Mix in some hemp for an optimal ratio sometimes. Greg drinks 1-3 rice protein shakes a day. He adds green powder and fruits of earth sometimes. Sometimes we add flax ground. Sometimes we add hemp, but his base for the shake is usually brown rice protein. They even make a sprouted raw version, but you can use the non sprouted and get great results... Plus its cheaper. Sprouts should have it.

Organic tofu, lentils, quinoa all have protein.

LOVE your pics!!! So happy for you!!!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Go Malynda, go Malynda! I am SO glad you decided to go Vegan again : ) I feel so much better now that I don't eat any animal products. Don't forget about hemp and brown rice protein. If you go to my blog there's a link for Jay Robb Brown Rice Protein Powder and if you buy it through that company all of your order ships free, pretty cool!

Good luck girlfriend, I know you will do awesome!!


Malynda Twitchell said...

You girls are so awesome!!! I have looked into the Brown Rice Protein powder and like what I have learned about it :) I will check out the site Nicole, thank you!!

Thanks for all your tips and advice Kristen! You are so smart about Veganism and getting your protein :) I will definitely be coming to you for help with the ratios ;) But I will do my best to figure it all out as well ;)

Love you all so much!!

pria said...

You will do unbelievable in your competition and you can feel good about the way you did it too!!