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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kristen's Raw 17th Awesome Giveaway: FREE RAW VITAMINS

It's time for another awesome giveaway (here was the last giveaway I hosted). The prize for January? RAW VITAMINS from VITAMIN CODE. I will be drawing the name of 1 winner for a bottle of their Vitamin Code Raw D3 - The Hottest Nutrient Under The Sun. (How cool of them to offer this to my readers!)

Right now, with this being winter in the United States, I suspect there are a lot of people out there who are in need of this important nutrient! Vitamin D3 is vital for many functions including to help build a stronger immune system. Here is what Vitamin Code / Garden of Life had to say about Vitamin D3...

As vitamin D deficiency has become more prevalent, the attention and focus paid to vitamin D have increased, and for good reason. Most people familiar with vitamin D understand that this nutrient is essential to skeletal system health.† Along with calcium, vitamin D is considered vital for maintaining healthy bones.† Vitamin D actually regulates the use of calcium in the body by dramatically increasing its absorption and utilization.

Much of the interest in vitamin D stems from the fact that it’s found throughout the body in over 600 receptor sites including the brain and the heart. Due to the fact that vitamin D receptors are so prevalent in the body, research has increased on vitamin D, and seemingly everyday new studies tout the health benefits of vitamin D consumption.

Recent studies have also shown that vitamin D supports immune health by helping to regulate the immune system.† The brain is home to dozens of vitamin D receptor sites, and vitamin D has been shown to enhance memory and concentration.† Vitamin D supports healthy digestion, again since receptor sites are found from the mouth all the way through the intestines.† Healthy vitamin D levels support two increasing areas of concern—breast health for women and prostate health for men.†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

The drawing will end on January 22nd at 11:59pm... so don't wait!! Enter to win today!!!
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